As the Russian war and atrocities continue, the Voice of Ukraine seeks to tell the story of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and partner churches in Ukraine.  The Voice of Ukraine seeks to respond to the crisis with truthful information about the war, to make critical needs known, and to assist by mobilizing prayer and resources to address these needs.

Ultimately, we want to make known the hope of Christ through all we say and do during this crisis.  Thank you for joining us!

– The MTW Ukraine Team

Doug Shepherd, MTW team leader of the L’viv team will host a zoom call weekly on Sunday’s, at 12 p.m. PT, 1 p.m. MT, 2 p.m. CT, and 3 p.m. ET in US, 9 p.m. Krakow, 10 p.m. Ukraine.

A dedicated Instagram channel with crisis update information has been set up by the L’viv team.

Updates & Stories

5/27/20022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 94): Dear brothers and sisters, Thank you for praying for our trip. It was good and we were able to cross the borders of two countries – Moldova and Romania, to pick up the bags with humanitarian aid and safely come back home. Because of martial law men who are under 60…

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5/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 92): Dear brothers and sisters, Our day yesterday was very windy with dark clouds and the sea was stormy. We were glad because the probability of blows from the sea is low in a stormy weather. The day was quiet with no alarms, so nothing interrupted our plans. I met with the…

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5/23/2022 – Belogorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 91): Dear brothers and sisters, Again and again I thank you for your prayer support, for your encouraging messages. Today is a birthday of our youngest granddaughter Vxxx, she is four. This girl brought us so much joy, love and tenderness. Every evening we talk and when she sees us, she hugs…

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5/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: In memory

From Lxxx (Day 90): Today is the ninetieth day of a dreadful counting and the end is not near. Everybody is talking about a balance change that will happen soon, but it’s hard to think about it when we see so much death. Many, many deaths are caused by war. Yesterday I went to the…

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5/21/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

Lxxx (Day 89): Dear brothers and sisters, Usually the weekend starts with good mood and plans. But today started with a siren and it sounds while I am writing. Yesterday there were several attacks on Odessa and some explosions could be heard in Odessa region but there is no detailed information about it yet. Today…

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5/20/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Vyshyvanka Day in Ukraine

Admin: Vyshyvanka Day (Embroidered Shirt Day) is an international holiday that aims to preserve the Ukrainian folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered clothes called vyshyvankas. It is celebrated every third Thursday of May. Vyshyvankas are, along with pysankas, one of the best known symbols of Ukrainian culture (Wiki). From Lxxx (Day 86): Dear…

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5/19/22 – displaced church of Kharkiv visits church in L’viv

Most of the members of the Presbyterian Church in Kharkiv relocated further west in Ukraine to the city of Ivano Frankivsk, which is south of the Presbyterian Church in L’viv. Mission to the World’s relationship with the Kharkiv church goes back to the late 1990s when the church was established with the leadership of Pastor…

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5/18/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 84): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a rainy day today and we are happy that many gardens receive water. We have a dry climate so rain is always a happy event for us. Yesterday I wrote about the ruined hotel on the beach. All hotels are empty now and it so happened…

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5/17/2022 – Moms from Maine Mobilize [again] Aid for Ukraine

From Krakow, Poland: Yes, moms, but professional women who have mobilized a community to bring aid to Ukraine.  Joy Guliani (Delta flight attendant) and Emily Hickey (nurse practitioner) have returned to Krakow, Poland, again with even more bags than last time.  When they arrived with 10 free checked bags last time (thank you Delta Airlines…

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