As the Russian war and atrocities continue, the Voice of Ukraine seeks to tell the story of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and partner churches in Ukraine, and to respond to the crisis with truthful information about the war, to make critical needs known, and to assist by mobilizing prayer and resources to address these needs.

Ultimately, we want to make known the hope of Christ through all we say and do during this crisis.  Thank you for joining us!

– The MTW Ukraine Team

A heartfelt and encouraging report from Pastor Ivan in Kyiv.

MTW Ukraine’s response to the war in Ukraine

Updates & Stories

9/30/2022 – War update and commentary

From Jamie Peipon: Yesterday there were conflicting reports about whether putin would make any announcements about the results of the votes in Ukraine for fear that announcing a “victory” during the civil unrest caused by the mobilization was not quite the clear-cut PR triumph they were hoping for. But, as you can see in the…

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9/28/2022 – Sergei – One Church

When war broke out in Ukraine, the church in Kharkiv—located just 15 miles from the Russian border—scattered. Some members fled to western Ukraine, some further west into other countries. Of the 117 church members, 50 are now living outside of Ukraine in nine different countries. Those who remained in Ukraine are in 19 different cities.

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9/28/2022 – War update and commentary

From Jamie Peipon: Throughout history, there have been countless times that people have been forced to flee from their homes because their land has been invaded by an enemy army. There are far fewer examples when there is a mass exodus from a country when they themselves are the invading army. And yet, that is…

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9/28/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lyuda (Day 217): Dear brothers and sisters, This morning I want to thank God for the peaceful night and for a good day yesterday. There were several attacks on our southern region but our air defense destroyed four drones and one attack aircraft Su-25 before they could damage us. Praise the Lord! I also…

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9/26/2022 – War update and commentary

From Jamie Peipon: The pace with which russia has been attempting to mobilize young men for war is pretty shocking. Apparently, some of those mobilized last week are already showing up in Ukraine. You can see video after video of men already on buses, or trying to line up in a parking lot or a…

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9/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Russian attack nearby

From Lyuda (Day 215): Good morning, dear brothers and sisters, This night was not peaceful for us, there were two attacks by drones. Some of them were destroyed in the air but two hit the nearby village and started the fire there. We don’t know about victims, at 3 a.m. they started evacuating people from…

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9/25/2022 – War update and commentary

From Jamie Peipon: As the sham referenda continue in eastern Ukraine, russia’s air force has had another pretty miserable day. What you’re seeing in the picture above is the result of a russian Su-30 being shot out of the sky. And, as you can see here, the danger of falling out of the sky is…

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