Finances and Donations

The MTW Ukraine Team is prayerfully seeking to raise funds to bring relief to the displaced Ukrainians, needed supplies, support to the brave pastors who remain with their churches, and to plan for rebuilding. This is our vision for how we can accomplish these things. Please remember that this is our plan today. Due to the extremely fluid nature of the crisis, we expect these plans to be revised many times. Thank you for your sacrificial giving. Pray for Ukraine!

Thank you!

Refugee Relief

  • Facilities: Funds are needed to cover rental expenses of hostels, hotels, empty structures, including utilities, furnishings, equipment, and supplies for refugees.
  • Staff and Contractors: We need to hire local support staff immediately to relieve the mission teams and church members.
  • Transportation: Most refugees need help getting to the locations where we can help them. Most need help to move into other countries.
  • Food: None of the refugees bring more than a few days’ worth of food with them.
  • Clothing: Many refugees left their homes within minutes of hearing the bombing and shelling. They have little more than the clothes on their backs.
  • Supplies: With the loss of electrical power, we need heating fuel and diesel generators.
  • Communication: Helping refugees stay in touch with family and friends is vital.
  • Medical Needs: Some of our refugees need medical care and medicines.
  • Pastor’s Salaries: We want the brave pastors of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine to be able to continue to minister without concern for their finances.
  • Diaconal Funds: We want our pastors to be able to meet critical needs in their churches and their cities.

Repair Funds

  • When the war is over, we want to be able to supply funds for rebuilding churches and the homes of church members. We also want to help to rebuild the communities in which our churches are located.

Church Planting

  • We have already begun to hear stories of people turning to Christ in this crisis. We want to be prepared to receive them into churches where they can hear the gospel, grow in Christ, and be healed.

These efforts are a small part of what we pray to see God do in our beloved Ukraine. We want to do all we can to be the body of Jesus Christ to the vast throng of displaced and fearful Ukrainians who are probably wondering where God is right now. Please join us and thank you deeply.

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