The STAKES ARE HIGH in this crucial moment of world history. PRAY!

Pray now:

  • For the winter response to bring aid via Crates for Ukraine. Please pray for an outpouring of aid and that we might not become jaded to the needs.
  • For the witness of the gospel through the hands and feet of our brothers and sisters who have remained in Ukraine. That in the midst of this terrible war, many would place their hope in Christ and his eternal kingdom.
  • For the safety of pastors and leaders of our churches in Ukraine who continue to serve the Lord in preaching, leading worship, giving hope to the broken, distributing aid to the needy in their communities.
  • For Ukrainians being forcibly rounded up and deported to Russia in occupied regions.
  • For the husbands, fathers, sons and brothers and women of our churches in the defense forces of Ukraine – for their success in repelling the enemy to protect innocent lives and for their safety.
  • For children: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual needs resulting from the their victimization from the war.
  • For our church members in many cities, spending another night in bomb shelters.
  • For the displaced Ukrainians who have settled in other places and for the growing influx of Ukrainians remaining in western Ukraine.
  • For displaced Ukrainians seeking to return to areas of Ukraine less targeted by Russian forces.
  • For financial giving to enable the ministries that will follow: healing and rebuilding lives
  • Praise for churches still able to meet in person or online


  • Pray for the ‘Aid For Ukraine’ program seeking seeking to mobilize supplies and food for Ukraine in Europe
  • Pray for the ‘Crates for Ukraine’ program seeking to mobilize supplies for Ukraine in the United States.
  • Pray for the supply chain moving supplies arriving in Krakow, Poland, then into L’viv and then further east into Ukraine.
  • Pray for the safety of those driving the vehicles transporting goods in Ukraine go to churches to distribute to the needy and to hospitals.

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