3/2/2022 – Odessa

From a language tutor, a disabled church member in Odessa: “Today, they have been firing from the sea on the airport. We’ve had air raid sirens.  Their helicopters fly over Zatoka (a south Odessa beach)” Believers are posting from Odessa that Russian landing craft keep trying to approach from the sea, but God has made the sea rough for them. They’ve posted pictures of unusually rough waves there, and ask us to pray: “As the Lord calmed the seas, he can also make it rough for them.”

She is a Russian-Ukrainian and wrote earlier about her relatives in Russia who refuse to believe the news: “Poor Russia!! Many people there understand and go to demonstrate in the streets, but they are being beaten up! My niece in Petersburg invites me to go there, where there are no sirens and explosions, but NOT FOR A SECOND would I want to go live in Petersburg, Russia!” Many of her relatives in Russia are convinced she is deceived, even though she is hearing this, seeing this, experiencing this! Some relatives in Kerch, Crimea, were amazed, saying, “What are you saying? You mean, you think it is OURS who are in Ukraine?” She writes that they in Russia are believing the Russian propaganda: “They are watching television and believe it all, 100%! That’s how propaganda works. It’s like in Orwell’s novel {1984]: ‘War is peace, and peace is war.’ I tried to talk to my brother [in Arkhangelsk, Russia], and it was useless. Zombies! He says Putin didn’t start war – he’s finishing it. Is he insane? And yet, he tells me that we are just lying, and they are telling the truth.” What a sad personal drama when your own family don’t believe you, and you are literally under the gun!! Pray for the darkness to lift in Russia!

7 responses to “3/2/2022 – Odessa”

  1. Praying for you:

    Ps 62- Truly my soul waits upon God- from Him comes my salvation.
    He alone is my Rock and my salvation- He is my Defense, I shall not be greatly shaken.

    Ps 42- “…O my God, my soul is cast down within me, therefore I will remember You…”


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