3/3/2022 – Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx in Belgorod: Dear brothers and sisters, It’s the eighth day of the war. I am sorry I didn’t write the letter in the morning as I usually do. I was exhausted emotionally. Then I went to our local defense center, and I felt better because it’s such a joy to work together with people who made a decision to stand for their land. I initiated prayer in the morning, and we start every day with a prayer. There is so much work – cooking food, making camouflage nets to cover our military objects, work in a medical center, building fortifications and other defense constructions, etc.

My cousin called me from the front line. He is standing on the shore, his squad repels an amphibious attack from the sea. I asked him how we can help them and sent the things they need there. In the afternoon there was an air alarm, we went to the bomb shelter and when it was over we found out about the attack of two Russian jets. They fired on the power supply transformer in the resort zone (Zatoka). Luckily they didn’t hit the target. It’s the place where we rest in summer with our grandchildren. One plane was shot down, pilot and navigator ejected. We hope they will be found and caught. Our church is open 24 hours and we announced that people of our community can use our basement as a bomb shelter. The elderly ladies from our church stay there. The ladies of our church has made some food supply in the church kitchen and are going to cook for the soldiers who keep watch on the shore. We help some of our church members to send their children to Moldova. We wanted to send our daughter and grandchildren to Moldova but she wants to stay here. There is a basement in the building where they live and we hope they will be safe there. Today our son called us and told that he decided to go back to Kiev because there is more need there and he wants to join the defense there. Please, pray for him and for other people who are defending Kiev. Please, pray for all our soldiers who resist the enemy and protect our country. Pray for our churches to be able to preach the gospel and minister to people in this difficult situation. Please, pray with a special prayers for the those who lost their family members. Love in Christ, Sxxx and Lxxx

These are women of our local defense group making camouflage nets
This are my grandchildren and me in the bomb shelter

5 responses to “3/3/2022 – Belgorod-Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear sister, thank you for sharing photos and details of day-to-day life during this difficult time. Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ, and it helps to know how we can pray. Lifting up your cousin on the shore; your son in Kiev; your daughter, grandchildren, and neighbors in Belgorod; and all those defending Ukraine. Praying our Lord will comfort those families suffering separation or loss and draw many to Himself. Love in Christ, Jennifer


  2. Praying for you:
    Ps 60- “…You, God, have made the earth tremble; heal its breaches for it shakes. You have made Your people see hard things, You have made us drink the wine of astonishment. You have given a banner to them that fear You…Give us help from trouble, for vain is the help of man. Through God we will do valiantly for it is He Who will ttead down our enemies.”


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