3/3/2022 – Kyiv

Here is a translation of Pastor Sxx’s APPEAL to the RUSSIAN PEOPLE from Kyiv:

“Citizens of Russia! I am a normal resident of the city of Kiev, who now on March 2nd, on the seventh day of the war between Russia and Ukraine, am forced with my family and friends to hide like this in an impromptu bomb shelter in the basement of our church.  I am your average church minister, in an average church of average members. There are 100,000 such in Kiev.  

I am a person who all my life spoke Russian fluently and without any problems. I wrote books in Russian. I preached in Russian. I led worship services in Russian. I communicated in Russian in all corners of our country, including in western Ukraine! And you know what? No one ever persecuted me! In all my life, I never had any problem with that! And hundreds even millions of Russian-speaking Ukrainians can tell you about this!

But now, when your president Putin has sent in troops — and is not conducting a military operation, but is waging a real war for the destruction of our people, now he comes as a ‘liberator’?! I already speak Ukrainian as do a 100,000 other former Russian speakers.

How else can I convey to you that people are really dying in our country?! That sirens are constantly sounding. That nobody knows who will remain alive. It’s like a lottery. No one knows where your rocket will land in the war that your president unleashed, and we don’t know who is next.

My five-year-old son Ilyusha asks me a question: “Papa, if Putin kills us, we will go to Heaven, yes?” What should I answer my child? “Yes, we will go to Heaven.” But where will your president go?! or all those who directly or indirectly remain silent or give tacit consent to support him?

How else can I explain it to you, speaking in pure Russian?! How else to explain to you that we are not Nazis! We are a nation!  We are not puppets; we are Ukrainians! We are not sissies. The blood of Cossacks flows in our veins! We will not just give up and put up our hands, as your president and his entire clique thought we would in their fantasies! We are not slaves who need to be freed.  We are free people who live on our God-given land.

Yes, indeed, your president is not con ducting a ‘special military operation’! Your president is waging a real war against an entire European people, with their own culture, with their own language, with their own self-consciousness, and their own desires. This is the will of millions and millions of Ukrainians. 

And now, friends, people are dying! Our soldiers who protect us are defending their own land! They did not invade you! You invaded us treacherously like the Fascists did in 1941!

This is how millions of our inhabitants look at it now! No one greets you! No one meets you with flowers! Look at the thousands of videos! Look at who meets you with flowers!  They already hate your soldiers who are destroying — not just destroying soldiers, but little children! — just like the children that you now possibly hold in your arms!

               And you know what, my friends? Putin isn’t just killing our own people! He is killing his own citizens! He is killing his own soldiers – namely, your own sons! Your children, your grandchildren, your husbands! Many of these are young guys in their twenties. Why are they here?!

My friends, if you don’t want to save us, at least save them! Think about the thousands of your brothers, friends, sons, grandchildren, and husbands!

Make your contribution to this Cause, saying “STOP to the war!” “No more war!” So that later you don’t feel heaps of shame for being silent, for having supported it, for doing nothing to stop it.

So do everything in your power so that this war will stop. Remember how we say it: “The most important thing is to be a Human being.” Say for yourself, “I am not a trembling creature. I am a man, and I say NO to War!”

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