3/5/2022 – Latvia

From Jeanne Smith, MTW missionary in Latvia: This prayer was written by a Latvian lady in one of the Reformed churches and translated into English. The attached photos give evidence to the strong support Latvia has for Ukraine!  

Grace and peace through Jesus,

Jeanne and Robert 

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for the people of Ukraine, give them strength and miraculous protection from the horrors of war. I pray for the people of Russia, God, to allow them to see the truth and to give them the courage to face the terrible regime.  I pray for the people of Latvia and other countries, give us open hearts and wisdom on how to help the refugees.  I ask that there be unity and love among people, that evil be destroyed, and that peace come, so that more and more people may have the eternal peace that only You can give. All this I ask of you in the name of Jesus Christ, and for his merit. Amen”

Tributes to Ukraine in Latvia

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