3/6/2022 – Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx: March 6 (day 11)
Dear brothers and sisters,
Thank you for your faithful prayers. Our daughter safely reached Moldova. It’s a great relief to know that our grandchildren are safe.
Yesterday Russian jets circled again and again over our town. Thanks God that He protected our town from bombing. There were more attempts of the enemy to land from the sea near Odessa.
The ladies in our church made pies for our soldiers. They did it with joy and prayer and it was a big encouragement for the church and for the soldiers.
The young man from our church, Ixxxx, who joined the army was able to join our church online prayer yesterday. We were so happy to see him.
The counselors of our counseling center began to receive the first calls from people in distress. Our counselor, Txxxx, in addition to this every day walks in the streets of our town and talks to people she meets. Holy Spirit guides her and gives her right words to say.
In spite of all what is happening now we plan to have a worship service today. We will have the Lord’s supper.
Please, pray for us to be able to preach the gospel. There are people who are angry at God when they see what is happening. Every day I work in the center of local defense. Women make camouflage covers, cook food, prepare packets of first aid, arrange places for the soldiers to rest between patrolling and keeping watches in the shore defense line. I start every morning with prayer. Yesterday when I invited the ladies in my group to pray some girls refused.
I also have a personal prayer request. Satan attacks me through some of my relatives who live abroad. They send me terrible messages which upset me so much. Please, pray for them.
In Christ,

7 responses to “3/6/2022 – Belgorod-Dnestrovsky”

  1. Praise God that your daughter reached Moldova safely. Praising God for the witness of the church in these practical ways. Praying that you would be protected by the full armor of God when Satan attacks. Asking the Lord Himself to protect Odessa and turn back the enemy.


  2. Our God is good! I praise and thank Him for your daughter’s safe arrival – an answer to many prayers! May your son also remain safe, as well as you and the entire church. Our small church in Mississippi will be praying this morning for all of you. Your faithfulness is a great witness. May our LORD strengthen all of you and give you courage and His peace. I send much love.


  3. Northwoods Presbyterian Church, USA is thinking of you and praying for you.

    Our Father in heaven:
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    Forgive us- may we forgive others.
    Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,
    For Thine is the kingdom, power and glory.
    Thy will be done, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, and Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.


  4. Ps 42- … by day the LORD directs His love, at night His song is with me– a prayer to the God of my life. I say to God my rock, “Why have You forgotten me? Why must I go about mourning, oppressed by the enemy” My bones suffer mortal agony as my foes taunt me, saying “Where is your god?”
    Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him: my Savior and my God.


  5. To Lxxx – I will be praying that as you daily put on the full armor of God, that those darts from your relatives will not have any effect on your heart and spirit…you are a servant of the King, doing His ministry. He will cause you to prosper in what He shows you to do. However, praying for the hearts of your relatives. “You will keep her in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because she trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3 Praying for your soldiers to have faith, be wise, and be protected by God. Prayers for you to receive daily from the Lord what you need at this time and in this day, each day.


  6. Thinking of you, L!

    Ps 94– …Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers? Unless the LORD had given me help, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death. When I said “My foot is slipping”, Your love, O LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.


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