3/8/2022 – Slovakia

From MTW missionary Rebecca Oliver Gregoire: The gravity of the situation is this…we usually get excited about arrivals from America and the things they bring in their suitcases, like, peanut butter. Pop tarts. Italian seasoning or chili powder.

Today we’re rejoicing over suitcases filled with bandages. Tourniquets. Intubation tubes. Etc. Do you understand this?!

Our daughter and her boyfriend came for their spring break because she couldn’t stay away. She had to come help. Our church donated four suitcases and filled them with top grade military medical supplies. Did I mention chest seals for covering traumatic chest wounds?

Many people have asked me how they can help. Your prayers are incredibly important. You are literally holding people up with them. Certainly you are us. Even though we’re just a small part of this picture. Here’s another way you can help. Buy and send bandages, bandage tape and gauze like in the picture. This is something light to send. Although I won’t pretend postage will be cheap. These items are selling out here and probably all over Europe.

Our home was like a war room today. Maps. Strategy. Preparation. Planning. But it was also a praying room. Prayer for distraught people who are passing through. And a party room. Full of laughter and joy for deep connections made with people who God has brought into ours lives for very traumatic reasons. (We had pizza and cake to “celebrate” before one of our families travels on tomorrow morning.).

Sooooooo many details I would love to share. But exhaustion is taking precedence. Good night.

12 responses to “3/8/2022 – Slovakia”

  1. In response to the request for lightweight medical supplies: Is there an address that can be shared on this platform for sending bandages, bandage tape, gauze, etc? If so, should packages be addressed to Dan and Rebecca Gregoire? Praying for all those fleeing to safety and for God’s comfort to weary souls.


  2. With heartfelt prayers

    “Who shall seperate from the love of Christ? Hardship, persecution, nakedness, famine, the sword- in all these we are more than conquerers through Him Who loved us. I, Paul, am convinced that not life, death, rulers, powers, highs, depths, anything in all creation, can seperate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus!”


  3. Praying Deuteronomy 31:25– that the Lord would give your strength to equal your days. And where can we find an address if we want to send the requested medical supplies?


  4. Can a small church or school send these supplies to you? How can we get an address? For now I send prayers and love!


    • Greetings Mary, tangible supplies are very difficult to bring over. At this point it’s better to give money to the organizations that will give us supplies overall. Thank you for your willingness! Keep praying!


  5. James 5- Take, as an example of patience in suffering, the prophets who spoke in the LORD’s name. You have heard of the patience of Job and have seen the end of the LORD: that the LORD is very pitying and of tender mercy.


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