Pastor Sxxx’s sons, ages 5 and 16, waiting at the border of the EU, after evacuating from Kyiv: “I never thought my sons would be children of war. The Kremlin beast ruined the lives of millions of people. We have to stop the beast.”       

When asked if we could use his story and blur the pictures, he responded: “Sure ! But don’t blur me and don’t change my name. I don’t fear the Beast”!!

“It’s not so scary to die as it’s scary to live dead… It’s scary to be a Zombie”

7 responses to “3/8/2022”

  1. Praying that the Lord would be a hedge of protection around the evacuees. Praying also that the Beast would be thwarted in his plans.


  2. Psalms “How can you say to me- ‘Flee like a bird to your mountains’ …the LORD is in His holy temple …the LORD is on my side-I will not fear what man can do to me.”


  3. Praying that the Beast would be defeated. Also praying that everyone who is trying to evacuate would be able to do so safely!


  4. Northwoods Presbyterian USA is praying for peace in Ukraine and for safety and encouragement for our Christian brothers and sisters.


  5. It’s too long to type out, but for prayers of help and hope, read Psalm 138-146. It only takes about 10 minutes to read them out loud.


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