3/10/2022 – Kyiv

Pastor Oleg Magdych of Kyiv has decided to join the defenders fighting for Kyiv. Asked why he wouldn’t evacuate, he said:

“It would be easier to run away and pray… but…  We’re taking the church to where people are. I’m doing this because I want my men to survive or to die knowing God. I want to defend my land, my home, my house, my people, my children… that’s what motivates me.

“Isaiah 58:12 says “you will rebuild the streets that are broken, and the walls”. That’s what I want to do—rebuild the city physically and rebuild the nation spiritually….

“Speak up for us. We will defend our land, but we need someone to cover us with prayers and to spread the word about what’s going on in Ukraine.”

14 responses to “3/10/2022 – Kyiv”

  1. Know we are praying for you at home and church. Support and concern for you is huge! Looking for ways to effectively send financial help! Writing our officials to push them to act not talk! May God protect you and destroy the evil roaming unchecked!

    Pray for us that we will not sit still while the left destroys the west!!!


  2. Forwarding your words to everyone I know here at Northwoods Presbyterian Church, USA

    The apostle Paul: “If we live or die, we belong to the LORD.”


  3. My fervent, moment-to-moment prayers will be with Pastor Magdych. Along with his all-powerful God, his brothers and sisters are upholding him. I am also praying that Putin either has a “Damascus Road” experience or meets his Maker’s full and righteous judgement with his total and utter defeat in Ukraine. To God’s praise and glory may peace and freedom be restored to Ukraine so all its devoted citizens now dispersed throughout Europe are able to return home and rebuild their country with the assistance of Believer’s from every nation very, very soon. It is my honor to help in any/every way I’m able. I’ve never been in such constant contact with my congressional representatives advocating for more “turn-the-tide” intervention.


  4. Ps 121 “…my help comes from YHWH,Who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to be moved. He Who keeps you will not slumber.”


  5. My students and I pray for your protection, that the gospel would spread, and that the enemy would be defeated, daily! You are not alone ❤️


  6. I have been praying for your country, leaders and people that the Lord God putts a hedge idle protection around all of you and gives thoughts the tools, wisdom and will to fight off this unwarranted brutal attack. The Lord gave us our freedom and no one should be allowed to take it from us!!!
    God bless you all


  7. I am speaking up for you, Pastor Magdych, as you asked. I’ve contacted my Senator and am telling as many people as I can. I’m a cashier at a drug store so as people come through (strangers to me) I’m explaining to my fellow Americans what is happening. Some are believers and they tell me they are praying for you brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Also, please know that we at Christ Community Church are praying for you!


  8. Ps 138 …though the LORD be high, yet He has repect unto the lowly, but the proud He knows afar off. Though I walk in the midst of trouble, the LORD will revive me. Thou shall stretch forth Thy hand against the wrath of my enemies and Thy right hand shall save me. The LORD will perfect that which concerns me: Thy mercy, O LORD, endures forever. Forsake not the works of Thy own hands!


  9. I am praying for you, Pastor Oleg and all the church with you that you stay safe and share the word of salvation with the Ukrainian soldiers as they protect Kyiv and the country.


  10. Northwoods Presbyterian Church, USA is praying for you!

    “When peace, like a river, attends my way
    When sorrows like sea-billows roll:
    Whatever my lot, God has taught me to say It is well, it is well with my soul.
    “Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
    Let this blessed assurance control–
    That Christ has regarded my helpless estate and has shed His own blood for my soul!”


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