3/14/2022 – Krakow, Poland

Helping hands

From Beth Stanton, MTW missionary: An MTW missionary from Slovakia who is driving van loads of supplies from Poland into Ukraine, and then returning with grandmothers, mommas and children to bring them to our short-term shelter in Krakow, paused to snap this picture. Martha (MTW missionary) saw one of the mothers with her little girl over on the side of the shelter, just sobbing. She immediately went over to simply hold her hand to comfort as she could. Even with language barriers, we offer the love of Christ in every way we can think of. Thank you for your hourly and daily prayers for the precious and hurting  displaced women and children – the grandmas, the mommas, the sister-in-laws, the youth, the little boys and girls, the toddlers, the babies. Their men-folk, ages 18 and older have sent their precious families away from their homes and danger, to the “West”. Pray for them, too.

5 responses to “3/14/2022 – Krakow, Poland”

  1. How precious to love these little ones and our dear elderly sisters as well.
    Praying for physical stamina and all the Holy Spirit gives as you serve


  2. Oh, the power of gentle, compassionate touch! May this dear mama and daughter (and those they are separated from) know the touch of Jesus in their hearts. We are praying fervently!


  3. Thinking of you and praying for you!

    Our Father in heaven,
    Deliver us from evil
    Give us today our daily bread
    Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
    Thy will be done
    Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.
    Thine is the kingdom, power and glory.


  4. Psalm 138 …though the LORD is high, He regards the lowly, but the proud He knows from afar. Though I walk in the midst of trouble, the LORD will revive me. He will stretch out His hand against the rage of my enemies and His right hand will save me. The LORD will perfect that which concerns me. Thy mercy, O LORD, endures forever: forsake not the works of Thy own hands!


  5. Beth, thank you (and Dal) for your updates. We are praying faithfully, pleading with God for his protection and for the Holy Spirit to fill the believers there with peace and confidence in Him. Will share this with my mom (JoAnn Robinson). My parents have always remembered you both so fondly from the RTS days.

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