3/15/2022 – From Krakow to L’viv

This morning a convoy of 2 passenger vans and a car left on a circuitous route from Krakow, Poland, to L’viv, choosing a border crossing into Ukraine that hopefully would be less congested according to the daily reports.  The convoy was manned by MTW missionaries from the L’viv, Slovakia, and other teams all gathered in Krakow to help.

The best route is set

Unsurprisingly, MTW’s training for missionaries did not include driving tactics going into war zones, but thankfully, some of these missionaries have had military experience. The humanitarian crisis brought about by the war is calling for an ‘all hands-on deck’ response. 

The convoy is carrying supplies to two shelters that are run by churches in L’viv.  Other supplies are going to a contact at the L’viv church that will pass those supplies on to people further east who are in great need because of the destruction brought about by the Russian war upon Ukraine.  The supplies going to the eastern shelters include generators, food, hygiene products, batteries for flashlights and other types of supplies for families such as diapers and milk products.   Bins of medical supplies are also loaded which have been brought to Krakow from supporters in the States. 

These supplies will be distributed to hospitals in L’viv which have made specific requests.  More medical supplies and equipment are desperately needed and the logistics to bring these things from Europe and from the US to Ukraine is being developed.  The convoy left after a time of prayer for safety at 9AM with the necessity of arriving in L’viv before 10PM when martial law curfew goes into effect. 

Loading up after prayer

Thankfully, we heard that the men arrived safely in L’viv at 6PM.  Supplies were the focus of the transport going into Ukraine.  Ukrainians who have been displaced by the war are the focus coming back to Krakow.  The boxes of supplies will be exchanged tomorrow for (we believe) 15 Ukrainians mostly from our church in the far eastern city of Kharkiv, which has experienced great devastation from Russian bombing.  The 15 including adults and children, will return to Krakow and be housed at the crisis center’s shelter for a number of days while they are cared for, and next steps are determined for longer term placement in varying European countries.  Pray for the safety of the return of the convoy tomorrow to Krakow and for the well-being of the displaced brothers and sisters seeking a place of refuge. 

3 responses to “3/15/2022 – From Krakow to L’viv”

  1. Praise and thanks for the caravan that reached L’viv safely. Will pray for the trip back with refugees and subsequent trips.


  2. Thankful for your success and praying for your safe return!

    Psalm 121– I will lift up my eyes to the hills–from whence comes my help
    My help comes from the LORD Who made heaven and earth
    He will not allow your foot to be moved:
    He Who keeps you will not slumber…
    The LORD is your keeper, your shade at your right hand
    [thus, your protector, as close as your shadow]
    ….the LORD will keep (?) your going out and your coming in
    from this time forth, forevermore


  3. Praying for the safe protection of the convoy and for the well being of the displaced church members. We pray daily for the work of the teams in Krakow and L’viv.


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