3/17/2022 BD – Counseling Center south of Odessa

Even as they await the onslaught of an invasion of Odessa, believers in BD are ministering to others:

“Our town is not safe for refugees yet because of  shooting and bombing we experience from the sea and air. The family that we expected to receive in our church yesterday decided to move to a safer place. So, our main efforts now is the help to the army and to elderly and disabled people around.”

“Our counseling center has more calls from people. There is one tendency – fear and uncertainty. People can’t make a decision what to do, whether to leave to another place or to stay.

“I talked to one lady who was in panic. Her husband is away and she stays at home with her children and elderly parents  (it’s a typical situation of many people). It’s impossible for her to leave and she doesn’t feel safe staying where she is. She is so afraid for her family. I helped her to analyze her situation and see how God was protecting them till now. Then we talked about possible safety measures they can take. She calmed down.

“Many people can’t make a decision what to do in this situation. Roman shared the stories of people who don’t know whether to leave or stay. They don’t feel safe staying on their cities but are afraid to leave to the unknown place. And the task of the counselor is to help them calm down, do the analysis of the situation and make a sound decision.

“We want to start support groups, first online and then off-line.

“Please, pray for our country and for the cities that are blocked by the enemy. Please, pray for the opportunities to share the gospel.”

2 responses to “3/17/2022 BD – Counseling Center south of Odessa”

  1. We are praying for all Ukraine, the army, cities that are blocked. Also praying for opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ!


  2. Psalm 121
    I will lift my eyes to the hills
    Whence comes my help
    My help comes from rhe LORD Who made heaven and earth
    He will not allow your foot to be moved.
    He Who keeps you will not slumber…
    The LORD is your keeper, the shade at your right hand
    [so, your protector, as close as your shadow ?]
    ..the LORD will preserve your going and coming from this time forth, forever.


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