3/17/2022 – Jackson, MS

Jon Eide (MTW) has been chairman of the Board of Kyiv Christian Academy (KCA) while they built a brand-new facility on the west of the city. But with the coming of the Russian army, many questions remained. Would we arm the guards to avoid looting? Would it now be destroyed? Could it be used to house refugees? The Board needs wisdom.

Our teachers and students were mostly evacuated. But how are the students dealing with this? Will they finish the school year? Are they traumatized? Many lives have been turned upside down.

Three children from our Christian school in Kyiv just showed up in Mississippi. The Quartermans (MTW-retired) knew the family well from the Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church in Kyiv.

The incredible story is that this family already had to abandon their home before, when Russia invaded Donetsk eight years ago. This family rebuilt their lives in Kyiv, and Mxxx got a job as an IT specialist.

But then, the Russians came again, and they threw a few things in the car and fled. Mxxx and Yxxx were fortunate enough to have tourist visas to the U.S., so they came to Mississippi and were given temporary housing in a mission house. But what is their future? 

In 6 months, their visas run out. Because of their status, they’re not allowed employment. They wonder about schooling for their children, how they can work and contribute. They said, “Each morning, we get up and check the news, looking at pictures to see if your apartment has been blown up.” She said, “Even before we crossed the border, we felt both relieved and guilty to be leaving our country.” But they had to care for their kids.

Many families have been separated, and we’re providing all the care we can, even when people don’t know what care they need. God promised Wisdom, so ASK! “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him” (James 1:5). God’s answer for all of us is to PRAY for WISDOM! Ask wisdom for our President, military, pastors, parents, senators, negotiators, missionaries, etc. God promises: “It will be given”!

The three children of this family are having to deal with a new culture, an uncertain future, and the trauma of losing their home – again. Pray for healing. Pray for other families, wives without husbands, even children without parents. These are trying days, but God’s Will be done! 

One response to “3/17/2022 – Jackson, MS”

  1. Northwoods Presbyterian Church is praying for peace in Ukraine and for safety and encouragement for our Christian brothers and sisters.


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