3/19/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 24): Dear brothers and sisters, We send you our greetings and thank you for your support and prayers.

Yesterday we had a phone conversation with Ixxx Pxxxx, our youth group leader and music group leader who is serving in the army now. He told us about his life of a military man. He is very glad that he can share the gospel and it is received well. He has talked recently to a group of soldiers who were going to the front line and prayed with them. He asks to pray for the opportunities for him to share God’s Word.

He told us about some needs that the army has now. In general they are doing well and have all the things they need now, but because so many people keep joining the army there is not enough ammunition of a good quality. There are not enough medicines. It’s a problem now because many pharmaceutical plants had to stop their work because of the war activities.

We thank you for your donations and we are going to buy the stuff for the army that we can find.

Yesterday morning started with air alarm. But our church members were safe cooking in the basement of our church. We have contacts with a military units that are standing in defense line on the sea shore. Sometimes they have delays in food delivery and they are very thankful for the pies from our church ladies.

Yesterday our air defense forces hit two rockets over the fields near our town. Praise the Lord, they didn’t hit the targets. They also destroyed the drawn that was spying flying over our area.

Thank you for praying for our daughter. She feels much better emotionally, she doesn’t cry when we talk. Our grandson who was depressed is also doing better. Kxxx is able to work, she continues the remote online work at the same company she was working before. She also got involved in volunteering. She contacted some groups that are helping refugees and works with them. She found out that many Ukrainian refugees became volunteers. Many of them have already found jobs and started working.

Please, pray for our country, pray for the cities that are blocked by the enemy. Pray for more opportunities to preach the gospel.

In Christ,

6 responses to “3/19/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Praying for youth leader Ixxx Pxxx – praise the Lord his word is going forth with the army.
    Continued prayer for you sister


  2. We are glad to hear the good report that your daughter and children are doing better. And praise God for the destruction of the missiles and the drone. We continue to pray for the protection of your cities, especially Mariupol. We ask the Lord to be your shield and strong tower, an ever present help in trouble. And may your work in the counseling center and among the defenders yield gospel fruit.


  3. I am so thankful to God for your church member and so many others in the army who are sharing the gospel, as well as you and your “cooking ladies”. I also praise our merciful Lord for all the planes and missiles being shot down. I pray your army would receive more ammunition and better equipment to shoot down all the bombs of the enemy. I pray that you and the church remain steadfast with much courage, and that God would send His miracle into the enemy’s heart and end this war!


  4. We are praying for Ixxx Pxxx and others like him for safety and for opportunities to share the gospel. Praying for all Ukraine!


  5. Northwoods Presbyterian Church prays for peace in Ukraine and for safety and encouragenent for our Christian brothers and sisters. To 💙💛 from ❣🤍💙


  6. Our prayers continue for you. I pray for your grandson. Depression is a horrible thing to deal with in the best of circumstances. May the Lord hold him tight.


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