3/19/2022 – L’viv

March 18, 2022

From ERSU Seminary professor Oxxxx writes from L’viv:

[The day before fighting began, Oxxx was on staff at ERSU Seminary in Kyiv. At that time, ] “we feared that Putin might escalate the war in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. Therefore, the seminary staff decided to equip the building of ERSU (Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine) to be used as a reception centre for refugees. Immediately after returning to Kyiv, our colleagues and we began to buy everything the seminary would need: generators, food, medical supplies etc.

“On the evening of Wednesday, February 23rd, we gathered with friends for our usual Bible study group. That evening, we prayed, comforted each other, and discussed options in the event of a full-scale invasion, although we hoped that this would not happen. With this thought, we returned home and went to bed.

“It was the last night of Ukraine as we knew it before the war.” [They evacuated and were in the long snarled traffic for days.] “Along the way, we got used to the idea – this new reality of war in which we live. In this reality, we need not fall into despair but continue to be a church. We continue to serve people where the Lord has put us and not lose faith.”

[They went to Lviv and joined the work there.] “By the grace of God, we quickly found a place to live and immediately got involved in volunteer service. Now the seminary staff has slightly different tasks than in peacetime: the spiritual care of students and members of our churches who were forced to leave their homes and flee, as well as those who were called to the AFU to defend the country. We have ongoing online seminary staff meetings to coordinate and distribute funds and resources to those in need. We deliver evacuees to the closest European borders and search for medicines and military supplies that aren’t available. We write online articles, like this one, covering the actual events in Ukraine and much more.”

Read the full article here: https://cne.news/artikel/858-weekly-column-from-ukraine-relying-on-god-in-the-new-reality

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