3/20/2022 – Displaced Ukrainian family in Jackson, Miss., USA

Administrator: Mxxx is finishing Kyiv Christian Academy, where Jon Eide, MTW Ukraine Country Director is Chairman of the Board, Mxxx is trying to do classes online to finish out the year. MTW missionaries (retired) Clay and Darlene Quarterman, as alumni of Belhaven wrote to Belhaven requesting special consideration for Mxxx’s continuing education. Clay and Darlene are encouraging others to do likewise with their alma maters.

From: Clay Quarterman: One displaced Ukrainian family arrived in Mississippi and wasn’t sure what to do for Mxxx, their high school senior. Imagine being so close to graduation and having your school close and the students and teachers scatter around the world as enemy troops moved into that area!

They had looked at universities offering computer programs, and their first choice was for a Christian college. Yet, the costs were way out of their league. Then, after the Russian invasion drove them from their home, it seemed even more remote.

However, Belhaven University in Jackson, MS, knowing of their plight, offered Mxxx a scholarship for full tuition! The father wrote, “In view of the circumstances that our family found ourselves in, Mxxx going to Belhaven this fall is way more than we could ask for. The idea of receiving an IT degree in a Christian college was Mxxx’s first choice. But when we explored the opportunities last fall, we realized that it was ‘out of our league’.  God certainly works in mysterious ways, and your email is just another proof of that.”

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