3/21/2022 – Fellowship at Church in L’viv

The doors of the L’viv church are opened every day.  In the evenings, there is a time of sharing food, fellowship and singing.  The video shows the fellowship on Friday evening.

5 responses to “3/21/2022 – Fellowship at Church in L’viv”

  1. His name shall be praised from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun. Praying for you our brothers and sisters – blesses the body of Christ to see and hear your worship.
    Sending loove and prayers. South central Pennsylvania


  2. It is a glimpse of God’s glory to see and hear believers worshiping and singing to the God of the universe. How we long for heaven – to leave war and sin behind, and with every tongue, tribe, and nation worship the risen Christ!

    Thank you for sharing your video. We continue to pray for you in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.


  3. Thank you! It’s very encouraging to see this. May the Lord sustain these dear brothers and sisters day by day, provide for their needs and protect them.


  4. Praying for the church is L’viv. That God would renew your strength and restore your soul. That God would give your team unity and love for one another as you serve the hurt and the lost.


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