3/23/2022 – Churches mobilize in Spain responding tangibly with the love of Christ for Ukraine

Three days ago, 2 large van, driven by 3 Spanish pastors and a father from different cities in Spain, left Toledo to make the trek to Krakow, Poland, bringing greatly needed supplies. After leaving the supplies, they will bring a family of displaced Ukrainians back to Toledo to live. Mark Witte, an ARP missionary and pastor in Toledo, heard about the ‘list’ of medical and supply needs that church members in Ukraine had communicated to the MTW Ukraine Crisis Response Team based in Krakow.

Mark Witte (right) and 2 of the pastors who drove to Krakow (center)

From Mark the word went out throughout Spain and churches responded. They contributed many supplies and money was collected to purchase goods not only from churches in Spain, but from other countries as well. One of the pastors wife is a pharmacist and he said that she emptied all the shelves for Ukraine. Word got out and even unbelievers wanted to help the churches collect goods to send to Ukraine. The supplies were collected and the caravan of 2 packed vans began the 30+ hour journey to Krakow.

Church members throughout Spain were mobilized

The pastors arrived safely this afternoon in Krakow. Members of the Crisis Response Team were ready to go into action. After greetings, introductions, and hugs were exchanged, a conveyor line quickly formed to bring the Spanish treasures into a dedicated hotel room where they were stacked and somewhat sorted.

The goods included pharmaceuticals, wound care supplies, pain relievers, hygiene supplies, baby diapers and goods, battery packs, walkie talkies, toiletries, dog food, canned goods, shelf milk, rice, beans, sleeping bags and mats, tourniquets, diabetic supplies, coats and much more.

After everything was unloaded and stacked in the storage room, the Spanish pastors were amazed at the amount that had been packed into their two vans. Very soon, another caravan will take these supplies from Krakow by the MTW Ukraine Crisis Response transportation arm into Ukraine where they will be sent to different churches/pastors in cities to the war-torn east and be distributed to those in need.

With gratefulness to God, the pastors from Spain joined the Krakow team for a time of sharing, singing and prayer. Phase one of the Spain caravan is complete. After a quick lunch, phase two begins. The caravan will begin the trek back to Toledo with another precious cargo – a displaced Ukrainian family continuing their journey from Odessa, Ukraine, to Krakow, and next on to Spain where they will join others of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Toledo.

7 responses to “3/23/2022 – Churches mobilize in Spain responding tangibly with the love of Christ for Ukraine”

  1. His ways are wonderful!
    Pray for phase 2
    Psalm 91:15. He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.


  2. Praying for all involved and for all those who are receiving help and God’s Word!!! the greatest way that they are receiving His Word is by your wonderful deeds and work !!!

    Continued prayers !


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