3/26/2022 – Krakow Protests: ‘NATO, CLOSE THE SKIES!’

In the main central square in Krakow, Poland, from an initial look what appears to be young people or students from Ukraine and Poland, draw the attention of many. Yet, getting closer, one can see women and children who appear to be displaced Ukrainians also part of the protest. They meet most nights to urge Western leaders to close the skies over Ukraine. Their repetitive cries, “NATO CLOSE THE SKIES!” is a sentiment that is shared by a seeming majority of those who see and have experienced the carnage and senseless bombing of civilian targets – malls, theaters where people are gathered for protection and maternity hospitals where hopeful mothers die along with their children in their wombs. Along with the chants, “NATO CLOSE THE SKIES!” the protesters describe the atrocities brought by the free movement of death in the skies. They also speak of the bravery of Ukraine’s resistance to the regime in Moscow. One former military person’s opinion was that the leader of Russia is a school yard bully and he will continue with impunity when no line is drawn to curb his aggression.

One response to “3/26/2022 – Krakow Protests: ‘NATO, CLOSE THE SKIES!’”

  1. Northwoods Presbyterian Church, USA is praying for peace in Ukraine and for the safety and encouragement of our Christian brothers and sisters.💙💛


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