3/26/2022 – Portable wound VAC system kits from NYC to Netherlands to Krakow now in Ukraine

From Pastor Heero Hacquebord in L’viv:  Dr. Ron Israelski is an orthopedic surgery specialist in the NYC area who founded and runs a global charity named Orthopedic Relief Services International (https://orsinternational.org/).  This organization provided a lot of medical relief aid in Haiti after the earthquake there in 2010.  My brother, who is also an orthopedic surgeon in NYC discovered that Dr. Israelski was looking for a contact in L’viv to send orthopedic equipment to Ukraine.  In this way Dr. Israelski got connected with Anya [Pastor Heero’s wife] who, though not medically trained, has many contacts in L’viv who work in medical care.

Units arrived in Krakow from Netherlands and Crisis Response Team is unloading for the next leg to Ukraine

As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Israelski collected external fixators to be sent to Ukraine in order to provide hospitals that treat wounded soldiers with this essential equipment.  As Anya communicated with doctors in L’viv, she became aware of the great need for wound VAC’s and other equipment.  A contact of Dr. Israelski connected him with 3M, who agreed to donate a significant number of wound VAC’s from their factory in the Netherlands and ship them to Krakow.  

A convoy carried the units over the Ukrainian border where another van took them on to L’viv

Our team in Krakow arranged moving the wound VAC’s from there to across the Ukrainian border, where Anya and a driver transported them to L’viv and distributed them to two hospitals that treat wounded soldiers.  Many people worked together in several countries in order to provide this much-needed medical aid.  We thank God for this global cooperation and for the initiative and aid of ORSI!

The greatly needed medical supplies safely arrives in L’viv and received by the hospitals. Anya is on the right.

4 responses to “3/26/2022 – Portable wound VAC system kits from NYC to Netherlands to Krakow now in Ukraine”

  1. “Our God is an awesome God…!!” Thanks for sharing this story. Thanks to those who made it possible! Thanks be to God!


  2. This makes me so proud of the medical field I retired from. God Bless those that are helping and contributing. God Bless the patients that will need them and those that use the supplies. I pray that many continue sending you supplies, but that God intervenes, and you will not need them. I pray continuously for your safety and the success of your country. Long live democracy, the only government worth fighting for. May you continue to lead the lost to Christ.


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