3/29/2022 – Kherson

From Melinda Wallace, MTW missionary many years in Kherson, writes of the Stephen’s Home for men, located in a small village near Kherson, in Russian-held territory. This is a ministry for handicapped adults who live in a special care residence designed specifically for them. When fighting got worse in the village and they couldn’t get necessary supplies for survival, they decided they had to evacuate.

They left the village today (12 people in 3 vehicles) and went through 7 Russian checkpoints to get to Mykolayiv – finally in free Ukrainian territory. But at each checkpoint, all passengers were required to exit their vehicles and be checked by the Russian soldiers, which was not only scary but challenging for the handicapped young men who needed considerable assistance to do so.

But prayers were answered, and the Lord protected them from harm and got them safely to their destination. They plan to go to a safer city in far western Ukraine over the next few days.

This is just one story of many, repeated in a myriad of ways. So thank the Lord for this case, and pray for many others still on their way.

4 responses to “3/29/2022 – Kherson”

  1. Thank you for this update.
    This is a HUGE!
    Praise the Lord he worked in the enemy to not harm these handicapped young men –


  2. Praying for continued safety and for them to see Jesus and how He protected them during all those checkpoints . May Holy Spirit continue to bring more and more people to a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.


  3. Dear Melinda,
    Thanks so much for sharing on how God is working and showing His power and mercy in Ukraine! Wonderful to hear all made it to a safer place!


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