3/31/2022 – Polish border welcome for Ukrainians

Katya, a member of the MTW Crisis Response Team based in Krakow, and a member of the L’viv church, recently returned to Ukraine to tend to family matters. She described that she was impacted by the sense of unity shared by people she met along the way in Ukraine. One story she relayed was that she was eating a meal with two Ukrainians and a Brit. They didn’t know each other before that serendipitous meeting, but they talked and shared experiences. At the end of the meal, the Brit claimed the bill as his own. Katya said that this sense of unity was an ever present reality as she made her way to her family’s town.

After visiting her family members in Ukraine, on her return to Krakow, she was greatly encouraged and amazed at the welcome prepared for Ukrainians entering Poland who were fleeing the devastation of Putin’s senseless war.

Toys for children

She wrote and sent pictures: “Check how awesome Polish people are! Their process of welcoming of displaced Ukrainians became even better! That’s astonishing.”

Many strollers and baby carriers are available for the many mothers crossing the border with children.
Food and places to regroup as families move to the west.

Poland and Western Ukraine share a common historical lineage that this war has renewed and strengthened. The Polish people have rolled out a red carpet in many ways as evidenced in Krakow, some miles from the Polish/Ukrainian border. Ukrainian flags with the now well known blue and yellow are seen everywhere along side of the Polish red and white as people world-wide pray for Ukraine and for the war to end.

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