4/2/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 38): Dear brothers and sisters, We were so relaxed last few days but yesterday evening three rockets sent from Crimea hit the outskirts of Odessa. We don’t know the details yet, we hope no people died. Mass media don’t give much information about it not to let the enemy know whether their target was hit.

This day was announced the day of cleaning up in our town. It’s the day when our citizens go out to clean the streets, paint fences and plant trees and flowers. In Ukraine we have a tradition of whitewashing tree trunks and poles. It makes our town look nice and gives a feeling of coming Easter holiday. We hope this year Easter will be more meaningful for people in Ukraine.

We have everything ready in our church and clinic to receive refugees. We hope our area will become safer soon and more people will come. Now our counseling center is working at preparing the facility in Odessa where the refugees will be able to stay and we will minister them. We will do it in the cooperation with Odessa Christian university.

Last Sunday a new girl Sxxxx joined the Sunday class for children in our church. When she introduced herself she said: “My name is Sxxxx, I am from Mariupol. We had to leave our home because we were bombed”. Some parents share in social nets the phrases their children say. These are some of them: “Mum, do children in Russia see the war? Do they feel sorry for us?”, “Mum, how many more bombs do they have?”, “ I don’t care about air alarms. Can we get back home?”, “ Mum, if our house is destroyed by the bomb will I be able to get my lego out of it?”

Please, pray for children in Ukraine who lost their parents, who had to leave their homes, who don’t have their questions answered.
Please, pray for the refugees to find safe place to stay and to find refuge in God.
Please, pray for us to be able to share the gospel with many people who need it.

In Christ,

3 responses to “4/2/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Lxxx
    Our children are praying for the children the Lord is bringing to you.
    Thank you for sharing what the children have said.
    The Lord is moving your brothers and sisters here to pray for the children.

    Continued prayer for the center in Odessa and as you minister to them.

    We love you – we are praying


  2. Northwoods Presbyterian Church, USA is praying for peace in Ukraine and for safety and encouragement for our Christian brothers and sisters. 💙💛


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