4/2/2022 – His guidance continues: Two families find a place of refuge in Austria

Lxxx, a grandmother traveling with her daughter and 10 year old grandson along with another mother and her son, made it safely to Villach, Austria. Just a few days ago, Lxxx told her story (See: The story of a grandmother at the shelter in Krakow) of having read a brochure ten years earlier at her work place after talking to someone about a uniquely difficult time in her life. Nothing seemed to be going well in her life when she received the brochure. She read it then and it described how God was in control of our lives. This truth resurfaced in Lxxx’s memories during the present crisis and as she and her little family made their way to safety. The truth became an ever-growing reality in her life as she shared how she was beginning to realize that God is real and in control of her life.

It was especially meaningful when we were able to go to the shelter here in Krakow and say goodbye to Lxxx, her family and to the other mother and child that were on their way to Villach, Austria. It is amazing to see the ways God uses His people throughout Europe with contacts and connections and through fellow believers opening their homes to displaced Ukrainians – people they don’t even know.

Kevin and Colin rose early in Vienna, where they live, and drove to Krakow arriving at 10AM. After a short time of introductions, rest and tea prepared by Lxxx and her daughter, and saying hello to Lxxx’s grandson’s stuffed sloth, emotional goodbyes were given and the van carrying the precious cargo returned to Austria.

Late that night, the pictures arrived from Kevin showing Lxxx and the others enjoying their first meal in their host’s home in Villach. The brochure Lxxx received 10 years ago prepared her heart to understand God’s gracious guidance of her life today and of those she loves.

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