4/10/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Spanish TV Interview

From Lxxx (Day 46): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s Palm Sunday today. We wish you a good worship day and may the Lord fill your hearts with His love and peace as you approach the great holiday of Easter.

In Orthodox culture people celebrate Palm Sunday and Easter a week later and we, protestant churches, celebrate these holidays with them to give witness of a true gospel and to bring unity to the society.

We continue serving the refugees. People are different. The family from Kharkiv is not very communicative. They stay in their room most of the time. We hope with time they will become more sociable. Sxxxx from Nikolayev on the contrary is open and talkative. Yesterday Sxxx gave her a ride around the town and we talked for a while. She told us about herself, we know now that she worked in the museum in Nikolayev and she loves History.

Today we stay at home because of a curfew which will last till tomorrow. We will have a worship service in Zoom.

Sxxx had a Zoom meeting with our pastors, he says: “ We all look 5 or 10 years older” The pastors continue serving in their cities though many their church members left. Their congregations now are mostly old people who need help and attention. Please, pray for the church in Kherson. The city has been occupied for more than a month and they meet and worship in their church building. Please, pray for their protection and for the liberation of their city.

Our counselor Vxxx gave an interview to Spanish TV. This is what she wrote in her post on Facebook:
“ Odessa through the eyes of Spanish journalists.
The city looks unusual. The streets that used to be bright and full of life are empty now with metal “hedgehogs” and barricades of sandbags, you can see very few passers-by. But this means that we can not only have fun, but we also can defend ourselves!
I told the Spanish TV channel how the problems that people come to me with have changed since the beginning of the war. Now the main need my clients have is the desire to understand how to take care of their loved ones and how to help themselves.
The journalist asked why seemingly calm people start crying when they start asking them how they are doing and what is happening to them. At that moment I asked myself how I was doing and felt tears in my eyes. This is how the process of relieving internal pain, which causes mental trauma, works. When we feel care and compassion we can speak out and cry. It gives us relief. And then we can be active and productive again.
They asked me to make a forecast about the possible consequences of the war for the mental health of the civilian population.
What I see now is a lot of care, love, respect for our defenders and for each other.
There are hopes and plans for the future restoration of Ukraine.
This gives us the strength to withstand the stress of wartime.
Therefore, my prediction is that we will be renewed and become stronger.”

“ Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.” Matthew 21:9

In Christ,

3 responses to “4/10/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Spanish TV Interview”

  1. May God bless all the churches in Ukraine, both Protestant and Orthodox during this Easter season and into the future. May the Russians withdraw from all Ukraine.


  2. Thank you Lxxx. Praying for all these things – all the different people the Lord bring you and different personalities….same need though..

    Did not know about the difference in timing for Palm Sunday and Easter.
    So thankful for you this Lord’s day, sister,
    Praying for Kherson.


  3. Northwoods Presbyterian Church, USA is praying for peace in Ukraine and the safety and encouragement of our Christian brothers and sisters. 💙💛


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