4/12/2022 – What Does It Feel Like to Flee From Your Home?

Reposted from John Lesondak FB (retired MTW missionary – Slovakia) This is a testimony from a Ukrainian woman that had to feel her home and was helped by the Crisis Team in Krakow:

“Never in my life have I ever thought so fast, never had to make decisions and change them at the speed of one minute, with decisions that depend on life. That speed and responsibility…..

Leaving, shelling, can’t drive, change route, and there shelling again, change route, monitoring news, asking friends, change route again, checkpoints, have a safe trip, thank you, tears, how’s the kids, sitting quietly, all understand, not crying, cry, watch Look, how beautiful it is around, where we will sleep, there someone has an acquaintance, we sleep, thank you, tears, can we stay here, look what a beautiful city, siren, we’re leaving, please any document, you have children, flooded roads, tears, good people, border soon, changing route, from church hear prayer warriors, tears, feelings, what to do, how to live on, you are standing, you don’t know how to drive? I’ll help you, tears again, the border is ahead, people go with children and cats in their arms, the disabled go, there’s a field kitchen, come on don’t be shy, take the children’s milk, first time hot home-made food, thank you, crying, someone can’t stand, yells at us, so nothing oh people are you tired we are tired standing for hours not let’s pass, here’s the cemetery, nice place for some, thanks for booking the hotel, not arriving, checkpoint, still hotel, sleep, but siren, no alarm clock needed because anyway siren in the morning, beautiful city, what’s next, how to live, let’s stop here, let’s go, checkpoint… there’s beauty all around… to be continued… there is no fear. There is anger and exhaustion.”

Compiled by Leanne Portzel

One response to “4/12/2022 – What Does It Feel Like to Flee From Your Home?”

  1. So sorry, So sad!
    Praying Our great God and mighty God who is victorious,
    please be with these precious people and give your protection and your truth to them!


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