4/18/2022 – A visit to Bucha

From another ministry: I went to Bucha and Vorzel. We took humanitarian aid to two local churches in those towns. Once again I was reminded of what beautiful areas those places used to be, surrounded by pine forests, a lot of new construction – some of the most desired places to live. 

As we were unloading the van, the pastor was telling story after story about God’s protection of His people during those horrid days of Russian occupation. Many members of his church left Bucha before Russians took it over. But those who stayed (170 people) gathered in the church building and spent there 33 days together. I can’t imagine how hard they prayed during heavy shelling that hit a lot of things around the church, but it left the church untouched. 

While the pastor and members of his church were staying in the church, their homes were occupied by Russians. A lot of things were stolen from homes, including children’s clothing and shoes. 

After visiting the church we went to a housing complex “Gostomel” which used to be the headquarters of the Russian military in the area. This beautiful place, like so many others, is damaged and trashed.

Please, keep praying for Ukraine. What happened in Bucha is still happening in many places in the east and south of Ukraine where Russian invaders have occupied our cities and villages. People are hiding in basements in terror. The horror is continuing in many places, while Bucha and other suburbs of Kyiv are beginning a long process of healing. 

The pastor and members of his church continue to serve their community. As Bucha remains without electricity, they need generators, power banks, and extension cords. Many people from the town come to church to charge their phones to be able to stay in touch with people from the outside world who I am sure are also going crazy worrying about their loved ones in Bucha.

Compiled by Leanne Portzel

One response to “4/18/2022 – A visit to Bucha”

  1. Our Father in heaven,
    Deliver us from evil.
    Give us today our daily bread
    Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
    Thy will be done.
    Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.
    Thine is the kingdom, power and glory.


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