4/18/2022 – Escape from Kherson

From former Kherson Missionary Melinda: “Several people from our church behind enemy lines in Kherson have made it out safely! They had to cross numerous checkpoints.

Vxxx, Mxxx and the Vxxx family made it safely to the town of Izmail yesterday evening. I spoke with Vxxx this morning. He and his brother, Mxxx, have returned to the city of Odessa where they have been asked to stay for several weeks to help a church there deliver supplies to surrounding communities. Vxxx related how they experienced God’s protection during their trip when things could have gone badly.

They plan to return to Kherson to continue providing food and supplies for their family members, the church family, friends and neighbors. Vxxx expressed how difficult it is for them to be away – Kherson is their home – their life, friends and family. Those they had been helping have come to depend upon them. Though they are also considering providing transportation for others who wish to evacuate from Kherson, they are not planning to evacuate – but want to remain.

Their trust and confidence in God’s love and sovereign control over their lives and the entire situation remains strong.”

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