4/21/2022 – Song “Prayer for Ukraine”

From Bob Burnham: Bob, a missionary serving in Odessa, Ukraine, shared this video of church friends, singing the song, Prayer for Ukraine. 

Click on the picture to see video

The chorus translates to:

God, I pray for Ukraine, God, I pray to you for the people: You forgive them, you save them And you show them mercy. God, I know that you will be with us In your Temple under heaven. You have given joy and peace, You gave your life for the people; You wrote our names in the book of life.

Compiled by Leanne Portzel

3 responses to “4/21/2022 – Song “Prayer for Ukraine””

  1. Thank you so much, Pxxxx and Mxxxx! That song/prayer has been on my heart so much and I was trying to remember the words. We send our love and continue to pray!


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