4/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 58): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday we had a church lunch remembering the Last Supper. We were glad to have new people with us – refugees and some people from our community who were invited when they came to the church to receive help. We have many calls every day from the volunteers from other cities, who help people to leave and look for the places for them to stay. Most calls come from Nikolayev. Besides the people who stay in the places that we arrange for them we try to meet people who stay in other places, give them help according to their needs and serve them emotionally and spiritually.

Our counselors in Odessa are busy settling the refugees now. It’s nice that friends and family members gladly join our work. Rxxx’s aunt cooked some food for them yesterday. I talked to our counselor, Axxx, who is in Montpelier, France with her daughters now. She says that there are around 800 refugees from Ukraine there and she goes to the meetings every day where she talks to people a lot. She sees a big need of counseling there, every person has the story of pain and sorrow.

Axxx’s daughters are also involved in volunteering. It especially good for Nxxxx who had some problems in the past, now she feels needed and purposeful. Axxx says that the people around need to deal with their past and they all have different plans for future. Some are content with the place where they stay now and want to settle there because there is no place to return, their homes are ruined. Some people desperately want to come back home, they feel guilty and think they would be more useful at home. And there are people who still don’t know what they will do in the future, they live here and now.

Axxx’s husband, Vxxx, is traveling through Europe bringing their parents to Axxx. It was hard at the border of Serbia, the border guards were angry and were shouting at them in their language and they didn’t know why. Yesterday they stopped for the night in Italy.

We are preparing Easter gifts for the soldiers in our local defense center. In our culture people bake Easter cakes, we decorate them with our flag colors and write greetings. We hope that this message of the resurrection of our Savior will bring peace to the hearts and victory to our land.

In Christ, Lxxx

4 responses to “4/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Thank you for your faithfulness in writing. I pray continued strength and protection for you and Sxxxx, your church members and counselors as you continue to minister in Jesus name. May you all receive renewed hope as you celebrate our Lord’s death and resurrection. I pray more help would come from other countries and that evil hearts will be turned to God. Sending love in Christ.


  2. Dear Lxxxx,

    We so appreciate your posts!

    Praying for BD and Odessa! May the light and love of Jesus Christ shine brightly through you all as you care for and take in more refugees.

    As you prepare food and bring it to the soldiers, may they truly see and hear what the Resurrection of Christ is all about!
    Love, Jill


  3. Praising God for our Risen Lord and Savior!
    This is Our Hope Because of our risen Savior,
    He Will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be morning or crying or pain anymore for the former things have passed away. Revelation 21:4

    Praying for God’s protection spiritually, physically, emotionally and relationally for all of you.
    Praying for each of your request!

    The Lord has risen, the Lord has risen indeed!
    God’s blessings to you with a special celebration!
    With Love


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