4/23/2022 – Hope for Ukraine, Hope for Us

From Dasha Peipon (Ukrainian born, now from Jackson, MS): I was given a Ukrainian flag a while ago. It wasn’t new so I wasn’t too surprised that it was stained and wrinkled. It was probably well loved and well used before – I don’t know the rest of its story, but it made its way to me and I wanted to give it a fresh start and a new home. 

As I tried to wash out the dark red stain on the flag, I just couldn’t get it out completely. I soaked the flag overnight and scrubbed it with Oxi Clean. The stain faded quite a bit, but I just could NOT get all of it out. It was probably grape juice or rust – hard to tell. But as I was scrubbing the stain with my hands, over and over again, I thought what many Ukrainians would probably think if they saw it. 


Today Ukraine is soaked with blood, broken, torn into pieces by grief and pain. Just like this stubborn stain on my flag, this painful chapter in Ukraine’s history will remain forever…

Time heals. And many-many generations from now, if Russia repents of its crimes and somehow begins to redeem itself, and there once again is a relationship between our countries, in some shape or form, this bloody stain, brought on by the hands of Russia, will forever remain a dark, ugly mark – a reminder of this horrific crime and betrayal. Nothing can ever wash it away. 

Devastating. Hopeless. 

There’s another kind of stain that is impossible to wash out. Not on our own. 


Jesus paid it all,

All to him I owe;

Sin had left a crimson stain, 

He washed it white as snow.

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