4/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Easter bombing of Odesa

From Lxxx (Day 60): Dear brothers and sisters, Christ has risen! This wonderful news fills our hearts as we walk through the valley of death and gives us hope and joy. Yesterday our day was darkened with a tragedy that happened in Odessa. It was a nice sunny day , the sound of the siren started in the afternoon round 3 p.m. I was walking in the street and it took me some time to get home. It was quiet in our town, people who live closer to the beach heard the sounds of explosions. Then the news came about the tragedy. The enemy sent seven rockets to Odessa, two of them were destroyed in the air, other five hit the city. We know about eight deaths of people including a three-month-old baby, about 18 people are wounded. It’s hard to see the ruined building in the center of Odessa, the place that we know very well.

We are getting ready to go to the church and we hope it will be peaceful and we will have a good worship. Despite the fact that the war continues, many people return home to places where there is no direct fighting. Our son went back to Kiev. He heard about the groups of volunteers that help in restoring the ruined buildings. He can do it in his free time. Our church members are coming back. Sxxx Lxxxx is heading back home. We are looking forward to have her with us. I talked to one lady from our town who has just returned from Poland. “ While being there I was surprised to feel how much I love my country”- she said.

I want to thank you for your greetings and messages of love and encouragement. Christ is risen! And we are His church!

Love in Christ, Lxxx

5 responses to “4/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Easter bombing of Odesa”

  1. Praying this morning for Odessa and of course all of Ukraine.

    Habakkuk 1:2: “O LORD, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not hear? Or cry to you “Violence!” and you will not save?”

    Praise God that Jesus is indeed risen! Praying for God’s mercy and strength to you and all of Ukraine.


  2. He is risen indeed! May Christ fill your hearts with His peace and love as my heart breaks for Odessa and all of Ukraine. Our church in Mississippi will be praying for you this morning, protection for body and souls and an end to this war. Sending love.


  3. Praying for Odessa and Belgorod this Easter Day for you guys. Father in Heaven, please hear their cry. Have mercy. May they know Your peace. May they trust your promises that the Enemy can never destroy, never bomb and never even touch because of Christ and his strong sacrifice that secures the “Amen” for us.


  4. Wishing you a blessed Easter Day dear sister Lxxx.
    Amen, as you have written, “Christ is risen and we are His church”.

    Praying for comfort for those in Odessa as they grieve.
    Praying for your son in Kiev.


  5. This Sunday our paster at Northwoods Presbyterian Church prayed for Ukraine “especially our Christian brothers and sisters.”


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