4/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 61): Dear brothers and sisters, We thank you for your love and care. Thank you for many congratulations and wishes. It’s such a joy to be one God’s church.

We had a good worship. We were happy to have our Dr. Axxx and Ixxxx with us who came in their military uniforms right from the places of their service. We were glad to have new people in the church – refugees and people from our community who were invited to the church while receiving humanitarian aid.

But some refugees who planned to come decided not to leave their places after the tragic event in Odessa. They had experienced severe bombing in the cities they came from and were too worried.

The streets of our town were empty, people didn’t go outside a lot though it was a warm and sunny day.

We had dinner with our parents at home and it was nice to see them in a good holiday mood.

People in our church usually do home visits and bring Easter cakes and some food to old and sick people in our community that our church is taking care of. Sxxxx and I visited a man (his name is Vxxxx) who lives alone and doesn’t communicate with his family. Unfortunately, this is the situation that we often see. Broken relations are such a problem and people who are old and sick feel abandoned and unhappy. We talked to him about hope in Christ and then he was telling us about his life and was happy to have somebody who was listening.

In the evening we usually call our daughter and our grandchildren who are in Romania now. Yesterday they shared about Easter celebration there. We are so glad that they have church there and are excited about their meetings. Missionaries and other refugees in their city come together and worship right in the building hall where they live. Yesterday they had new people who joined them and there was a good problem of having not enough seats for everybody.

We hear many good feedbacks from our countrymen who live in Europe now, they are so thankful for the attention and care of local people there.

We are thankful to all countries in the world that help Ukraine now with different things.

Thank you, dear brothers and sisters for your prayers and support.

In Christ,

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