4/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – 36 Years since Chernobyl

From Lxxx (Day 62): Dear brothers and sister, Our weather became warmer and the spring is so beautiful! There are a lot of flowers, everything is green and it’s such a contrast with what is happening right now. After a tragic act in Odessa last Saturday, I suggested our counselors Rxxx and Vxxx to bring their families to our town and stay in our church or clinic, because it was quiet here. But then yesterday we heard very loud sounds of explosions. Praise the Lord, the rockets were destroyed in the air. So, Rxxx and Vxxx decided to stay in Odessa because it’s not clear where is the safest place now.

Today is 36 years of Chernobyl tragedy. I remember it very well and it made me feel very scared when our nuclear power plants were attacked and there was shooting and bombing there. It’s very hard to understand why that unpredictable army decided to go to Chernobyl zone ignoring their own safety. If they don’t care about their own well-being and about their country which is located so close how can we expect them to think of other people in the world.

One of Putin’s general said that they want to get control over all southern territory of Ukraine including Odessa by the Victory day which is May 9. Yesterday they made several attacks from Kherson area, but no progress for them. The city of Nikolaev stands as a shield for Odessa. Their evil plans will not be implemented.

Yesterday evening we were in the church and our kitchen there was busy. In the evening people there make preparations for the big cooking next day. Our men participate a lot and it’s nice to see some refugees and people from our community who come and help. Today they are cooking potato pies for our soldiers. Yesterday I spent time with Ixxx, the teenager from our church who felt very unhappy when the war started because many her friends from the youth group were gone. I wrote about her before. She has had counseling with Txxx and feels better now. She wants to do something useful and today she will go with me to the local defense center. Please, pray for our young people to find their purpose and strength in the Lord.

In Christ, Lxxx

4 responses to “4/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – 36 Years since Chernobyl”

  1. I’m praying for the Ukraine young people, those who are fighting and those like Ixxx who stay behind. I remember being a teenager when American young men were sent to Vietnam to fight the spread of communism. Some older friends went, and I prayed every night for all our military. I felt dismay when the war was on the opposite side of the world. How much worse to see all young men have to fight in their own backyard so to speak. I’m praying for an end to the fighting and a free Ukraine and free neighboring nations.


  2. Good morning dear sister Lxxx
    Your potato pies sound good.

    Continued prayer for your safety- specifically Odessa

    Wonderful Ixxx is with you as you go the the local defense center. My teenager children are praying specifically for her – and for the Lord to show her and the young people their purpose and strength in the Lord.

    “Therefore My people shall know My name.”
    Isaiah 52:6a
    Your sister


  3. It’s too long to type, but for prayers of despair and hope, read Psalm 139-146. It only takes 10 minutes to read them aloud to those in need. The Lord’s Prayer is always the right thing to pray. It covers all our needs- protection from evil, daily bread, forgive us as we forgive others, Thy will be done.


  4. Ps 138- … Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me. You will stretch out Your hand against the wrath of my enemies and Your right hand will save me. The LORD will perfect that which concerns me. Your mercy endures forever: forsake not the works of Your own hands!


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