4/30/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 66): Dear brothers and sisters, Another week is coming to an end and we are looking forward to worship on Sunday. The first of May is a Labor Day holiday that we inherited from the Soviet Union time. On this day people usually had picnics and spent time outdoors. We always spent this day on the beach. This year it will be a usual war day.

Saturday is not a day off for us as it used to be in a peaceful time. Many people choose to work on this day. Our town has a lot of workshops where different volunteer group organized work to produce different things for our army – bullet -proof vests, chest rig carriers, special military clothes, boots, bags, etc. Even our local concert hall turned into sawing workshop, where sewing machines are placed on the stage, and cutters’ tables in the stalls. There are several places in the town where people bring clothes and first need things for the refugees, there is a place where they collect things for the army.

We receive the information of what is happening on the front lines, we hear about military tactics, advances and retreats, battles and some victories. But there are things that we don’t get full information about. We would like to know how our soldiers sleep, what they eat, how they rest, if they have this opportunity. We pray about them and try to help them as much as we can.

We heard a good news yesterday about a new complex of anti-missile launcher that Ukraine received as a help from one of the western countries, that will protect our southern area. We hope the rockets that are coming will be destroyed more effectively now.

Yesterday we had a meeting of our support group. We invited new people to join the group but some people refused to come. We didn’t insist because we understand that some people don’t know what a support group is and it might be scary. One lady who refused to come to the group didn’t mind talking to me and we had a good conversation right in the hall of the clinic where she was sitting. It led us to think of doing something else for the refugees, like a small café where they can come to have a cup of coffee, sit, relax, listen to light music and talk. It will make the atmosphere less formal and more welcoming.

Please, pray for our plans and for our efforts.
We wish you to have a good weekend!

In Christ,

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