5/2/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 68): Dear brothers and sisters, I want to thank you again and again for your shield of prayers. Thank you for your replies to my letters, for sharing Scripture, for your words of encouragement. I wish I could answer each of you personally.

Yesterday we had a good day full of blessings. Our church member Sxxx Lxxxxx returned from the Netherlands last week and we all were looking forward to see her. She has amazing organization skills and we missed her so much these two months and she also missed the church so badly. But they live on the other side of the bridge which was destroyed last week. So, Sxxx and her husband Vxxx woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning and took the bypass road. We were so glad to see them. Unfortunately some our members and some refugees who live on the other side couldn’t come.

Yesterday evening I attended a Zoom webinar taught by an Israeli psychologist who talked about working with people in trauma and how we can bring spirituality into our conversation and “connect people to Jesus”. She shared stories of working with Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists.

Now it’s a period of a long curfew in Odessa that began yesterday evening and will last till tomorrow morning. May 2 is the day of mourning in Odessa. Eight years ago, when Russia first started the war, pro-Russian forces provoked a clash of two opposite groups of people that were having meetings in the streets of Odessa. As a result there was a fight and a fire in one of the building where people gathered. More than 50 people died that day. Since then every year on this day pro-Russian people in Odessa had meeting bringing the symbols of Soviet Union and blaming Ukraine and Ukrainian government. There is much risk of terrorist acts and provocation on this day. So, the people will stay at homes. Please, pray for Odessa, for the peace and unity of people and for the protection of the city from the enemy attacks.

In Christ, Lxxx

7 responses to “5/2/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lxxxx,
    I read your updates everyday and never cease to be moved-often to tears. Praying for you and for Ukraine in North Alabama!


  2. Thank you for your daily emails letting us know how to pray for you. We weep with you, and rejoice to hear God is caring for you.


  3. You all are consistently on my heart and in my prayers. My reading today in The Christian in Complete Armour (an old Puritan book by William Gurnall) had me thinking of your church where it spoke of our Father, saying, “He never sees a saint in mourning without planning to clothe him in the sunlight of His love and mercy.” I pray that love and mercy ministers to each of you this day in a tangible way.


  4. While reading an old puritan book today, The Christian in Complete Armour (by Wiliam Gurnall) once again my thoughts and prayers are towards the Church in Ukraine. Gurnall says of the Father, “He never sees a saint in mourning without planning to clothe him in the sunlight of His love and mercy.” My prayer is that you all will feel that love and mercy in a tangible way today.


  5. I continue to pray for the church in Ukraine and all of Ukraine for safety and the strength to carry on God’s work in a war torn country.


  6. Lxxx,
    Sounds like the Israeli zoom call was perfectly timed.

    Praying for safety this May 3rd for you and Odessa – for peace, unity and protection. Of course, the enemy hates all three of these things. The Lord Jesus is greater and strong.

    And continued prayer for you Lxxx, for strength physically and emotionally as you give and serve to the many people the Lord places in your day today.

    “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.
    God sets the lonely in


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