5/11/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

Lxxx (Day 77): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday was a good day, apart from a few explosions in the air. Air defense successfully eliminated the missiles. I often wonder if they hadn’t succeeded, where would those rockets have landed?

We made Tuesday a breakfast day for refugees. Txxx and I agreed with a local café that has a nice terrace outside. Yesterday we had our second breakfast. It was nice to see the changes in the people we met few weeks ago. We see how important is to unite people in the group. They’ve made friends with each other and are very supportive and helpful. Now they smile and joke. We decided instead of having the meeting of the group in the clinic this Friday to meet in the park.

While we were having breakfast in the café we met a man who came to have a cup of coffee. He showed interest to our group and said that he is the head of an emergency service in our town that also works with refugees. They need the help of psychologists in their work. When we talked some more we found out that he is a Christian from the local Baptist church. Today we will meet with him and discuss how we can cooperate.

Rxxxx is meeting a new family of refugees in Odessa this morning. He will settle them in the hostel, buy food and find out their needs.

Vxxx continues online counseling of the refugees in Germany. This is one of the stories she shared with me. Cxxx, a teenager from Kharkiv, left the city with her grandmother and sister. Her parents are still there. Cxxx didn’t want to leave but she had a little pet – gecko, who felt very cold in the apartment without heating. So she left just because she wanted to save the life of her pet. During a long trip she was holding him close to her, covered with a scarf and tried to get him warm. But when they finally came to Germany the gecko died. It was a big shock for Cxxxx. Her sister and her grandmother didn’t understand her grieving and told her that she was supposed to be happy living in a comfortable place and not been bombed. Cxxx was so upset that she locked herself in the bathroom and began to think about suicide. They had to break the door to get her out. While working with this girl Vxxx helped her to see the new prospective in her life. Now Cxxx plans to join the group of volunteers and contact animal-rights activists to find out if she can be helpful in their activities.

There is no fuel in our local gas stations. Sxxxx will ride his bicycle today and I will walk. He promises to fix his old bicycle for me to ride.

Thank you for your prayers and for your help.

In Christ,

4 responses to “5/11/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Lxxx,
    Thankful for the air defense. Glad yesterday was a good day.

    Good news about the Tuesday breakfast at the cafe – Wow.. the Lord is already connecting and weaving more of His people together.

    Your story of Cxxx in Germany and her gecko teaches me again the amount of stress families have – in particular some of the teenagers trying to process everything.
    Wonderful Vxxx really was able to help. Praise the Lord .

    Praying as you decide where and when to go, without gas and car.

    Psalm 119:
    Let, I pray, Your merciful kindness be for my comfort,
    According to Your word to Your servant.
    Let your tender mercies come to me, that I may live,
    For Your law is my delight.”



  2. The psalms of David when he was chased by King Saul are heartfelt cries you can echo. Ps 137-142
    “…I will hide in the shelter of Thy wings until these calamities be overpast.” Ps 56/57


  3. Dear Lxxxx, praying for your bike to be fixed or that someone will provide you with one.
    Also, praying for the cafe and for the hurting to receive healing and hope from hearing and believing in the gospel.
    Love in Christ,


  4. Thank you for continuing to write about the work you all are doing. I praise God for all the success – with the refugees, the breakfast meeting, the union with the Baptist church, and the helping of the young girl who lost her pet. Ukrainian people have lost so much and I pray that our Lord will replace those things and people with Himself, that the gospel would spread and heal hearts. I also pray that you and Sxxxx will gain strength to “pedal” where you need to! And that gas will soon be available. Sending love.


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