5/15/2022 – Eurovision Song: Mother Stephania

English subs are included

Here is the latest song that has become well known across Europe, Stephania. Voice of Ukraine has featured several Ukrainian songs of differing genres and perspectives, but each is a heart-felt expression of outrage at the genocide being perpetrated by one man in Moscow – a man who has unleashed unspeakable horrors on a people desiring peace and freedom.

The Ukrainian group, Kalush, raps the truth of a war that is not simply a war between men, but a war perpetrated by men against men, AND mothers and children. The lead singer wrote the song for his mother before the war. Europe expressed its overwhelming solidarity with the message of Stephania when it was awarded first place at Eurovision – the immensely popular song competition of Europe. The following is expressed on the closing frame of the video – repeated here so it is not missed:

This video was filmed in Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Hostomel, cities near Kyiv that suffered the horrors of Russian occupation.

Dedicated to the brave Ukrainian people, to the mothers protecting their children, to all those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Every man, every women, every innocent child.

The war in Ukraine has multiple faces, but it is our mother’s face that keeps our hearts alive in the darkest times.

Stand with Ukraine!

Slava/Praise Ukraine!

Pray for Ukraine!

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