5/15/2022 – Worship, War and Peace

From Krakow, Poland: Today, throughout Ukraine, God’s people have gathered to worship in the midst of war. We hear often that churches have grown through the crisis of war and even former skeptics are finding their way to churches to find hope. This is true even of the Church of the Saviour Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Krakow. Pastor Sashko says the the small church plant under the L’viv Church, doubled its size during the pandemic and has doubled again during the war as Ukrainians moving to the West seek refuge. Because of the influx of displaced people, the church outgrew the office where it had been meeting. Currently, the church meets in the ‘Help Center’ as it seeks a more permanent place to worship. The first service is in Polish and English. This is followed by a service in Ukrainian. A meal usually follows worship.

The ‘Help Center’ was started by the MTW Crisis Response Team in partnership with the Krakow church to serve as a ‘safe space’ for displaced Ukrainians in the Shelter to gather for meals, activities for children, Bible studies, to replenish clothes with a clothes closet AND also to worship God. In the midst of war, many are finding peace within the walls of churches when God’s people worship.

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