5/18/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 84): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a rainy day today and we are happy that many gardens receive water. We have a dry climate so rain is always a happy event for us.

Ruined hotel

Yesterday I wrote about the ruined hotel on the beach. All hotels are empty now and it so happened that the owner’s family came to check on it. They came inside and at that moment the rocket hit the building. Looking at the photo of the ruined hotel I am surprised that they are alive. We know that they all are injured, the mother of the family lost hearing but the hardest injuries got the little girl Sxxx who is in coma.

Pray for Sxxx

Yesterday we had breakfast with refugees. Some new people came. A new woman, Ixxx, was so happy to be in the group. She and her son have been living for a month in our town and have no friends, they don’t know anybody here. It was so important for her to share her story and to hear the stories of others. Today she will come to the church to receive a food packet, she will be able to meet people from the church. But one man from the group, Mxxxx, didn’t come for breakfast yesterday and we found out that he is in hospital with a kidney problem. Today we will see how we can help him.

The women of the group asked to change the day of our second meeting during the week, which is Friday because this is the day when our church ladies cook for the soldiers and they want to participate. We decided to move our meetings to Saturday and then they asked if we can have a tour around the town again. Last time it didn’t work because Sxxxx had a panic attack, but she said: “I’ll be fine. I want to have a tour”.

Our church is very busy now. Many people come to receive help and our church members work there every day making food packets and providing people with other things they need. Most of visitors are old people and mothers who have little children. There is always an opportunity to talk to them. I talked to a young woman with three kids who reminded me of my daughter. When I asked her about her children I saw tears in her eyes. It’s so sad that many people who used to work on the beach in summer have no jobs. Many people in our area worked hard during summer months and were able to earn the money to live the whole year up to the next high season.

There is a new joke people tell now. Two men meet and one of them asks the other: “How was your day?” The other man answers: “It was a good day, I spent it at the gas station”. There are long lines of cars at every station. We cycle most of the time. Sxxxx drives only when he needs to deliver something to somebody or give a lift to a group of people. Thank you for your prayers. Have a good day!


3 responses to “5/18/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Lxxx
    Praying for sweet Sxxx.
    Thank you for the pictures. They really have an impact.

    You are always so busy and faithful with who and what the Lord has brought you.
    We learn from your faithfulness. And pray with and for you.

    I like your joke.

    So glad more keep going to your breakfasts..and even want to help make food for the soldiers!

    Hope your tour goes well. I looked at some pictures on the internet of Odessa. I had no idea how beautiful your city is.

    With much love and prayer,


  2. “He leadeth me
    O blessed thought!
    Sometimes ‘mid scenes of deepest gloom,
    Sometimes where Eden’s flowers bloom,
    By waters calm,
    Over troubled sea
    Still ’tis my God Who leadeth me.”


  3. And we here in America with skyrocketing gas prices are joking about needing a mortgage to fill our cars’ tanks with gas. We have gas, and you folks don’t have much. How spoiled we are.

    I’m so saddened by the girl in the coma, the woman who panicked on the last tour, the people without work. I’m praying for victory and all Ukrainians to get back to your lives.


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