5/19/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: the church continues as the church in war

The Belgorod Dnestrovsky church with banners proclaiming the truth, ‘Christ is Risen!’

From Lxxx (Day 85): Dear brothers and sisters, Today is a holiday of embroidery shirt in Ukraine and we will have a little party at the local defense center. We will wear our shirts, sing Ukrainian songs and make a video for our soldiers. It’s interesting to notice that more and more people start speaking Ukrainian in our Russian speaking area. About half of the people in our church pray in Ukrainian now and people usually pray in the language they think.

All our thoughts and prayers are now about the fighters of Azov, the regiment that heroically defends Mariupol. For many days now, these courageous warriors have been sitting in the bunkers of the steel plant. They are constantly bombed and fired upon, but cannot be captured, because they firmly hold the defense. There are many wounded, in a very serious condition, with amputated limbs. Negotiations began on the exchange of prisoners of war with Russia and the seriously wounded soldiers were taken to the occupied territory. But agreements with Russia are never fair. And now we do not know what will happen to the wounded who need urgent help. We are amazed that the Russians do not care about the fate of their prisoners of war and do not try to bring them home. We pray for our defenders, the young men from our church Ixxxx and Pxxxx who fight not only with the arms but with the Word of God. May other soldiers follow their example.

We continue to pray for little Sasha, the girl that was badly injured in the destroyed hotel, and her mother who became deaf. We don’t have much information about them, we know that the surgeons try to save the leg of this little girl from amputation.

I don’t take many photos now, it’s forbidden to post the photos of places, views of our cities and photos of soldiers. But I can share some photos of our church, of our cooks making pies for soldiers and some photos of working at camouflage covering at the local defense center.

In Christ,


5 responses to “5/19/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: the church continues as the church in war”

  1. Photos with your church people with smiles on their faces are precious. Praying for peace and protection.


  2. Lxxx,
    What a wonderful morning to wake up and see pictures of our brothers and sisters for whom we have been praying! Amen to your banner! Christ is risen!

    Thank you! Fills my heart. The Lord is so good to connect us in Jesus.
    Please. Give them all a big hello .

    Continued prayer for Sasha and her mother.

    Ixxxx and Pxxxx in our prayers as they defend with both physical arms and the Word of God.

    I had to look twice at the picture of the camouflage covering ! Then I read and realized what is was.

    Your food looks delicious.

    With loove in Christ


  3. Dear Lxxxx, your messages and photos are so personal. Thank you for sharing them. They help me pray to our Father who knows every detail of what you, your church and your country are facing. Our God is our hope and shield. The fighters of Azov remind me of the three friends thrown into a fiery furnace in the book of Daniel. Praying that God will protect each soldier in the same way that He protected Daniel’s friends long ago 🙏🏼.


  4. Dear Lxxx,
    Thank you for sending the photos! It is great to see the church and the people that you have been writing about.


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