5/19/22 – displaced church of Kharkiv visits church in L’viv

Mark, Oleg, and Pastor Sergei Sudokov

Most of the members of the Presbyterian Church in Kharkiv relocated further west in Ukraine to the city of Ivano Frankivsk, which is south of the Presbyterian Church in L’viv. Mission to the World’s relationship with the Kharkiv church goes back to the late 1990s when the church was established with the leadership of Pastor Vladimir Borisovich who is now retired.

The city of Kharkiv sustained severe damage during the Russian onslaught and when many church members, including the present pastor, Sergei Sudokov, moved westward, it wasn’t to escape the war but to reposition the church to become a staging point for aid to send back to those unable to leave Kharkiv. This church in ‘exile’ helps to transport food and supplies to about 2000 people per day. With support that they have received through their own resources and the MTW Crisis Fund, they have acquired a warehouse in Ivano Frankivsk and are purchasing foods and supplies. Their convoys also transport supplies to the beleaguered church in the city of Mykolyev. Mark, with his brother Oleg, and Pastor Sergie, visit the L’viv church’s humanitarian center with this report:

From Mark:  Today we went to Lviv, where we had several meetings with our church members. We talked about how God cares wonderfully and our plans for the church. We also delivered personal meetings of our church members from Kharkiv.

It was such a joy to visit the humanitarian center of the Presbyterian Church in Lviv. Together we managed to deliver a lot of goods to the East. Ruslan, who coordinates humanitarian deliveries in Lviv, donated compact sleeping bags to us for an overnight stay in Kharkiv because we usually sleep on the church floor.

Our humanitarian aid in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv continues to reach those in need. We are grateful to our volunteer friends who help distribute it locally. Thanks to everyone who financially participated in purchasing food, hygiene, and medicines.

3 responses to “5/19/22 – displaced church of Kharkiv visits church in L’viv”

  1. My name is Mark, also. Thank you for collecting and distributing goods to the places they are needed. We know our gifts are in good hands doing the work of God. May God give you safety and an end to the war.


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