5/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 92): Dear brothers and sisters, Our day yesterday was very windy with dark clouds and the sea was stormy. We were glad because the probability of blows from the sea is low in a stormy weather.

The day was quiet with no alarms, so nothing interrupted our plans. I met with the leaders of volunteer groups of our town. We shared the information about our work, and discussed the ways how we can cooperate and help each other. There is one big area where our church and our counseling center can help – the families with disabled children. Because of the inflation the prices are going up every day and people can’t afford buying many things they need and medicines, this is what their children need first of all. The problem is that they often cannot come for help we need to visit them. And we need gasoline to deliver help to those who live in distant places.

I want to share some new stories. Yesterday I met Ixxx, she came to our church for help and when I asked her where she is from she started crying. Then I found our that she is from a village that is close to Nikolaev. It’s not occupied but it is bombed a lot. Ixxx and her husband are farmers. They have a big garden where they grow fruits and vegetables, they also have a cow and chicken. They were selling chicken meat, milk, fruits and vegetables. Now their house is half ruined. Her husband asked her to leave and he stays there alone taking care of their farm. She can’t stop crying when she thinks about him milking the cow during the attacks. I invited her to breakfast we are going to have today.

Txxx is counseling a woman from Kharkiv. She and her grandson have been living in a subway hiding from bombs. Now Kharkiv is returning to a normal life. Underground trains start working and people return to their homes. But her grandson who is 11 refuses to leave the subway, he wants to stay there because he doesn’t feel safe outside. Txxx suggested to find some safe place near their home. The woman called her back few days later and told that she found an underground parking near their building and her grandson agreed to go there. After visiting that place he agreed to go home knowing that any time he can come down to the parking place.

Today, our good friends are flying from the United States to Romania bringing the bags with humanitarian aid. Then it will be delivered to Ukraine by land. People who collected aid focused on the current needs of people. Please, pray for their trip and for an easy way for all customs formalities and crossing borders. We thank you so much you all for your generous help, for your faithful prayers and for your love.

In Christ,

P.S. Our granddaughter had a good birthday party about ten her Ukrainian buddies who live with their families in the same apartment building came to greet her.

3 responses to “5/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Thank you again for sharing prayer requests. God is so good to provide a good solution for the lady’s grandson. We pray for the children in Ukraine and those displaced as well as the brave women who are caring for them I will continue to pray for Lxxx and her husband. How tragic that the evil forces feel the need to destroy what is good. Praying for those who contact you counseling group. What a blessing you are all to those around you.


  2. Lxxx,
    First, Adorable video! Thank you for sharing. So nice your granddaughter ( so cute ! ) can enjoy the simple things like a yummy birthday cake with friends.. Your daughter did a great job!

    Thankful it was quiet last night for you.

    Wonderful news your good friends from the United States are bringing supplies. The Lord provides! They are truly good friends!
    Praying for safe travel.

    Praying for Ixxx and Txxx.

    In Christ,


  3. Thank you for these glimpses of life in Ukraine, the joys and sorrows..Helps to know how to pray. So much need..praying for God’s provision, protection and Presence, His Peace that will guard your mind and heart in Christ Jesus.


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