5/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Praying for Families in Texas

From Lxxx (Day 93): Dear brothers and sisters, I’ve just read about the shooting in the school in Texas. What a horrible world we live in. The worst of all tragedies is to see the death of children. I am so sorry for the families who lost their kids. We are praying for them.

Yesterday while walking in the street and enjoying the smell of the blossom of acacia trees I was wondering how something beautiful and pleasant can coexist with evil and dark.

During breakfast for refugees we heard new stories, there were tears and sorrow but also smiles and joy of fellowship. Some people came, stayed for two hours and didn’t want to leave, some came for a short time. Bxxxx, a 12-year-old boy who came with his mother was quiet and shy first but half an hour later he was talking and smiling. Nxxx, a little girl, who was wounded during the bombing near Kherson, is such a sweet girl. She came with her mother and immediately became Txxx’s friend. Ixxx, the woman that I met a day before, was crying telling her story to others and refused to eat. But then she calmed down and agreed to take some food with her as she was leaving. The group really enjoys our walks in the town and new people want to join us this Saturday.

photos of some refugees at the breakfast

Today the bags with humanitarian aid are coming from the USA to Bucharest, Romania. Then they will be taken by land to the border where we will pick them tomorrow. We could do it this evening but because of the curfew we can’t travel during the dark time. So we will go to the border early morning tomorrow.

People in our church constantly stay in touch with each other sharing the information about the gasoline. If anyone learns about working gas station they inform other people. Yesterday our task was to find gasoline for the vehicle that will go to the border and we got the information about the place where we could fill the tank without standing in a long line.

We don’t have detailed information about Sasha, the girl in Odessa hospital, but we heard that she is better and is recovering little by little. We will continue praying for her and for her family.

I will skip tomorrow in my writing because I will be traveling to the border with Romania and my next letter will be on Friday. Please, pray for the smooth arrival of humanitarian aid, for the people accompanying the goods, for successful crossing of all the borders, for the customs, for the documents to be all right, etc.

In Christ, Lxxx

5 responses to “5/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Praying for Families in Texas”

  1. Thank you for your prayers for our nation as you faced such a great loss in your own.
    We are praying for safe travels for you to the border and for the exchange to go smoothly from checkpoints to gas supply to your return with the much needed supplies.


  2. You are such a blessing to all. Your honest descriptions of life during war touch my heart as I can picture the details of what you do and experience. I was touched to tears reading you are praying for Texas families hurt by the massacre. But Ukraine has been horrifically affected by multiple massacres all over your country. Everyone has a personal story of lost/injured lives as well as homes and cities. I share your letters in FB pleading for God’s children to keep praying and not stop. What a mighty God we serve who meets us in our weakness and fills us with the Joy of Jesus and the Hope of the Holy Spirit within. May His Kingdom come and it will be done on earth as it is in heaven

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  3. Lxxx,

    Encouraging pictures of the breakfast with the refugees- your description of the different personalities and how they begin to come and feel welcome is so interesting- so much like the Lord to gently meet us where we are at to show His loove.

    Very nice that Bxxxx and Nxxx and Txxx could meet and be friends-

    Praying for the smooth arrival of the humanitarian aid and safety for all traveling. So great the aid is ion the way!

    Your sister,


  4. Praying for safe travel to pick the aid packages. Thankfully, the spring is blooming at the same time as people are getting out more. I think that is so uplifting. We can point them to the regeneration of the environment as an indication of the regeneration of our hearts. What grief that in a small town in Texas a person is so in touch with evil that he thinks the thing to do is to kill children. Praying for God’s grace and mercy to be poured out to the people who lost children and the entire town to work together for peace.


  5. I am praying for your safety as you travel tomorrow, asking the Lord to prepare the way before you and to remember His promise in Psalm 121:8. The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. Thank you for your prayers for the families in Texas and also for the photo of those beautiful flowers. There is healing as we see a reflection of God’s love for us in His creation. God bless and keep you dear sister.


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