5/28/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 95): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday the day was windy and the sea was stormy and most of Russian ships went back to Crimea. But two of them still stayed close to Odessa.

I was reading news and commentaries of military experts this morning. Some of them are very positive giving hope and some are hard to read because they describe our losses and all the heaviness of war. After reading things like that it’s so nice to come to God and give all my troubles and worries into His hands. He knows everything and His prognose is the best – “Trust Me and I will take care”.

Yesterday for a short time I saw Dr. Axxx, her husband Vxxxx and their son Ivan. It was so nice to see this military family together and hug them all. It’s nice to see them in a good spirit and in a good mood.

Yesterday Sxxxx and I unpacked the bags and organized the supplies into categories. There are many things that will be a great help for wounded soldiers and those who are fighting. We can start distributing now and Dr. Axxx will help us to contact the right places.

Yesterday we had a Zoom meeting of our counselors. We shared news of the week with each others. Vxxxx and Axxx who are in France now are looking for the place where they can meet with the groups of refugees. Vxxxx’s mother is in hospital but she feels better and will be discharged soon. But their landlord doesn’t approve of their mother staying with them. She says she doesn’t want to be responsible for an old and ill person and is afraid that something can happen. So they are also looking for the place for Vxxxx’s mother.

When I asked our counselors how to pray for them, they all asked to pray about their ability to manage their time right. They are very busy and get tired a lot.

This week we saw the lack of some products in the stores. For example there is no salt and vinegar . Some of the producers of these things are on the occupied territory and other are destroyed. It’s not something vital and every home usually has some salt and vinegar. It made me remember the generation of my grandparents who survived in World War II, they always had some salt and matches somewhere in the attic. We thank God for His care of us, we have basic food and we are thankful for that.

We wish you to have a good weekend!
In Christ,

One response to “5/28/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Lxxx,
    Amen to the Lord’s prognosis – Trust Me and I’ll take care.

    Praying for use of time for the counselors – great that you can all zoom connect –

    Praying for apartment for Vxxxx mother or a change of mind for current landlord to let her stay .

    Very nice you saw your military friends family. –

    Your sister in Christ,


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