6/1/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – summer

From Lxxx (Day 99): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s the first day of summer that brings some nostalgy for the beach and the sea. Though we are ready for the fact that this summer is going to be different, it’s still sad not to be able to swim in the sea, even the walk on the beach is impossible because all beaches are mined and it’s dangerous to be on the coast.

Yesterday morning was full of blessings. A lot of people came for the breakfast in the café. It’s easy to tell refugees from the other visitors who enter the café. Their eyes give them away. Many of them have eyes full of sadness turning into despair. Some are more responsive, they answer our questions and are willing to talk and share their stories, some prefer to keep a distance and be silent and it’s OK. Each person can choose two things to eat and one drink. One lady said that she has an elderly mother at home and we ordered some take away food for her.

We see their needs. They are registered at our local refugee center and receive some help, but it’s not very big and they can afford only some basic food. They all were very glad to eat something they like and have missed for a while. We got their contacts and we will prepare more food packets this week. We also invited them to come for a group meeting, we hope some will come. Txxx identified some people who need individual work.

Yesterday I talked to Vxxxx and Axxx, who are in France now. They are working with refugees there and are organizing a group. They liked the idea of breakfast, may be they will try something like this there.

I went to the market yesterday and met Txxx, a sweet lady, who lives in the village not far from our town. I met her few years ago when she came for the concert in our church, we exchanged phone numbers and called each other periodically, she loves music and never missed organ concerts we had in our church. Both her sons, Mxxxx and Vxxxx are in the army. She doesn’t know where they are right now because this is the information the soldiers don’t tell even to their families. She hasn’t heard from Mxxxx for a week already and started crying as she was telling me about it. I told her that they often can’t charge their phones staying in the fields.

Please, pray for the mothers whose sons are fighting with the enemy.

In Christ,
P.S. There are some photos of our breakfast with refugees

6 responses to “6/1/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – summer”

  1. Thankful for the beautiful day and how your able to minister to those who are hurting. Praying daily! So sorry your not able to go to the beach which is a natural, free beauty of God’s creation. Hard to believe it’s been 99 days. Lord how long? Have mercy on them, end this war. Psalm 80;3,7,19.


  2. Dear Lxxx,
    The pictures and your words bring tears to my eyes! It is so wonderful what you all are doing in BD, sharing the love of Jesus! What a beautiful thing for these people to have a safe place to go to during these hard times!
    Love in Christ,


  3. Thank you for breakfast photos. I was thinking about you this morning not being able to go to the beach. A doe was sheltering in my yard under some bushes from a heavy rain last night. I am also reading a new book Blessed about reading the Book of Revelation so my mind is focusing on heaven. I prayed that today you will feel the peace of heaven as you go about your ministry. This horror of war will pass. One day Jesus will return. We will gather with Him. Blessings, Ellen


  4. Dear Lxxx,
    The cafe looks lovely!

    Thank you for sending the pictures.
    The images are great and really show the atmosphere – very inviting with good food – and the faces of the dear ones the Lord is bringing.

    The lady in the blue is one of my favorites!

    Plus, as you wrote, people can talk or not talk. As you said so perfectly- their eyes tell a story without words.

    That would be great to have a similar breakfast in France.

    Praying for the mothers of soldiers – especially Txxx.

    Psalm 107:28
    “Then they cry out to the Lord in their trouble,
    And He brings them out of their distresses.”

    Your sister in Christ,


  5. What a beautiful day! Thankful for the Cafe and how it can give a slice of beauty and normalcy in the midst of great suffering. Praying for you as you minister to the refugees..and for families separated from loved ones, the army too. Psalm 82:2-4.


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