6/7/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: A visit to the front lines

ADMIN: VOU seeks to tell the continual story of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine where the realities of war are not an option. We seek to keep these realities before our readers to continue to pray and to give in order to bring much needed supplies into the regions of Ukraine where the needs are greatest. Lxxx’s ongoing and faithful updates help to keep the realities in focus.

From Lxxx (Day 104): Dear brothers and sisters, Today I want to share the story of our counselor, Vxxx. Last Saturday she traveled to Nikolaev region:

A trip to the Nikolaev region.
Praise the Lord, we got there and back well!
On the border of the Nikolaev and Kherson regions, there are villages that were under occupation and were destroyed. Until now, Russian troops are close and threaten to invade.
There are no pharmacies and medical care in these villages.
Doctors gathered to help with medicines and consultations. Our team included a chaplain, two pediatricians, a cardiologist, two internists, an ophthalmologist, a pharmacist, and myself as a psychologist.
On Saturday morning I left at five o’clock. At this time, the alarm went off. Explosions were heard. Later, I learned that our defenders shot down missiles, but unfortunately a few hit in the Odessa region.
We drove through Nikolaev. Due to the fact that the city is under constant shelling, shop windows and windows of houses are covered with boards. There are very few people on the streets.
We drove through villages and towns. People were engaged in farming, cows grazed in the fields. Very beautiful views of fields with wheat and blooming poppies. Flowers blooming near the houses, many roses.
When we passed through the small town of Bashtanka, we saw much destruction. This is a very sad sight.
We got a little lost, and the military at the checkpoint drove ahead of us to show the way to the village we were heading to.
This village is called Novogorovka. In the photo, I am standing near a sign with the name “Family Medicine Outpatient Clinic.”
This is a dispensary place where a family doctor and two nurses work. 1500 people lived in the village before the war, now there are fewer residents. Some went to fight, some went to a safer place.
We were asked by the villagers, how we got together, if we were from different cities? And why we came?
We said that’s what Christians do. They get together to help and go there,where help is needed.
There were 92 people in total. I only got to see 5 people. I helped the pharmacist sort the medicines.

Nxxx is 66 years old. Her two sons are fighting at the front. The wife of one of the sons lost her pregnancy due to stress. It was a very long-awaited and desired child. Nxxx does not sleep, she has nightmares.
I thank MaryJo for the recommendation to put Jesus to sleep. Nxxx remembered that as a child, she was taught in prayer to invite Jesus to guard her dream. I hope this recommendation helps her.

Nxxxx is 66 years old. He lives in another city, came to the village to help his parents. His father is 91 years old, his mother is 87. They refused to leave and they need help. Nxxxx is very exhausted physically and mentally. We thought with him where he could find support and help.
A doctor who lives and works in this village told how she tried to save a wounded Russian.

When fighting was going on nearby, the soldiers brought a Russian. They threw him into the field. There was still snow and frost. He stayed for almost a day. He tied his wounded leg with wire. As for the drugs, he had only a strong painkiller, promedol. At that time, there was no electricity, communication and water in the village. The Russians bombed the power plant and communications towers. Some water was in the wells, but the quantity was limited. The wounded could not be taken out, the road was shelled. It was also impossible to report that it was necessary to evacuate the wounded, there was no connection. The doctor said that she only had saline. This Russian was only 25 years old. The doctor said all she could do for him was let him die in a warm place and among people. She is still grieving about the death of such a young man.
When we were driving back through Nikolaev, we saw the consequences of explosions in the city, clouds of smoke from fires.

In the photo, I am helping the pharmacist pack the pills. Photo of fire clouds after explosions in Nikolaev. We didn’t get out of the car, we drove fast. Therefore, there are only a few of my photos.
I thank the Lord for the opportunity to help, thank you for your prayers and support!

Please, pray for the counselors of our center and for the people they work with.
In Christ,

3 responses to “6/7/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: A visit to the front lines”

  1. Our Father in heaven,
    Deliver us from evil.
    Give us today our daily bread.
    Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    Thy will be done.


  2. It is hard to read these reports, but it is necessary for us to understand what so many are experiencing. May our God, the omnipotent Creator, bring peace soon! In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit!


  3. Dear Lxxx,
    Your words “that’s what Christians do” in going to help penetrate to the heart of Christ.

    Your descriptions of the trip and people truly help us understand.

    Praying for Vxxx – and the counselors and the people they work with.

    We pray for Nxxx and the loss of her long awaited grandchild.

    Also praying for Nxxxx. Wonderful prayer of asking Jesus to put you to sleep.

    Thank you the pictures and update.
    You bless us every day. We send loove in Christ to you sister.



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