6/8/2022 – Video: High School Graduation in Kharkiv

This is school number 134 in Kharkiv in the far east of Ukraine. Kharkiv has been devastated by the attack of Russian forces. The graduating class decides to still have the last dance in school or what is left of it.

The song about the war: ‘A Dream’

They can bomb happiness. They can shoot at dreams. But they won’t kill our will. Everyone will reap what they sow.

5 responses to “6/8/2022 – Video: High School Graduation in Kharkiv”

  1. What was the song? Translate?song haunting..sad..students look sad too. 😢 But thankful they are alive..will be praying for them. 💕


  2. Powerful.

    Thank you.

    Keeps the reality of real people in real destruction in front of us.

    God bless these young people.


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